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  1. I would stay away, personally. There's plenty of brakes/comps that we know are good to go in NJ... I wouldn't take the chance. The PWS FSC556 has an ATF letter (I always keep a copy with my rifle that sports one, for whatever good it might do me)... is that the one you're thinking of, David?
  2. I have 2 pair of them and they are a great bang for your buck. (I bought mine when they were on sale at Midway for $37.) BUT... if you're sensitive, plugs under muffs is the only way to go... pretty much no matter what muffs you got.
  3. That is NICE, Bob! (Maybe I'll get one of those in lieu of the Shoki.)
  4. When in formal attire my go-to's have been: In the past: Custom Graham Bros. Carbon Fiber Wee Razel SS in a low ride clipped ostrich pocket holster (That knife was gifted to a friend on his wedding day when it was needed to cut the ribbon holding the rings to the ring-bearer's pillow. It was fate or something.) Now... until I replace the Wee (which may take a while )... I usually go with my Dervish Knives Silverfish. Small. Unobtrusive. Lotta knife, little package. Also been known to carry my Strider PT-CC, usually in khakis, not suits or slacks, and am contemplating finding myself a Gold-Class Benchmade Shoki for formal wear as well because... why not.
  5. Oofah! That would certainly be one expensive clay pigeon!
  6. Hey all! Saw this fun limted-edition shirt from a kickstarter-like t-shirt company. (Teespring.) Thought I'd share in case anyone else would wear such a thing. (Ha! I mean... who wouldn't?!?! ) I pre-ordered mine and wanted to spread the word. (While it's a cool shirt and I think you all would enjoy it... my actions are slightly more selfish than that... they need 100 pre-orders before the shirt gets made, and there's only 3 pre-orders at the moment and I want my t-shirt dangit! ) I Study Triggernometry! http://teespring.com/I-Study (PS I have no financial interest in this shirt/site/company or anything like that... just though it was cool and would share.)
  7. Cracked me up! "The firing button is the size of a saucer and features 2 tons of artfully laid carbon fiber." Too bad the average citizen can't own auto's in NJ... Latest EDC update. Been traveling to weddings and business stuff for a few weeks. Been rocking my TAD Dervish Silverfish. Nice tiny little piece of mind that doesn't ruin the line of my trousers.
  8. I love my Olight M22 Warrior. Approx. 1K lumens. Good runtimes. Nice that it can use a combinations of batteries (18650, 2x CR132, 2x 18350s) Nice holster included with spots for 2 extra batteries....
  9. Jerry Miculek does the ridiculous yet again! (9mm Miculek Series S&W 929.) He said he was aiming 70-80 YARDS above the target.... Ho. Lee. Smokes.
  10. Torture test video is now up. 250+ rounds... the clear lower is still intact!
  11. Alien Gear... 30 bux! http://aliengearholsters.com/holsters/1911-railed-5-inch-1/1911-railed-5-inch-owb-holster-outside-the-waistband.html They also make 'em in IWB, 4" 3", railed, non-railed....
  12. I found 30 rounders in translucent smoke on midway.... I'm sure someone can block 'em, right? http://www.midwayusa.com/product/314079/lancer-systems-l5-awm-advanced-warfighter-magazine-ar-15-223-remington-30-round-polymer-translucent-smoke And they makes 20's as well... http://www.midwayusa.com/product/155984/lancer-systems-l5-awm-advanced-warfighter-magazine-ar-15-223-remington-20-round-polymer-translucent-smoke And there's always that 100-round Beta mag... it comes in clear!
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