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  1. Paterson 8 1/2 months Finally done this only for 2 p2p.
  2. Where in raritan is that shop. I'm looking for a glock 30 gen 4 or a 30SF I'd like to check with them.
  3. Guess what. 7 1/2 months still waiting. Unreal.
  4. Agree 100 % When I see more done for jersey then I will renew again.
  5. Call frank. Silver Bullet Rockaway, 07866 He might help you with that.
  6. Paterson. Dropped off paperwork today 7/17 for 3 p2p. Last year Initial FID and 2 p2p waited 9 months. Now since I already have my FID I expect the right thing to be done here. 30 days.
  7. Confidence coming back a little bit, 300 rounds since I got my sig back. No issues. Did not change ammo.
  8. Well I should be getting my sig back in a day or 2, recieved email Friday night that its been shipped back to me. From 4 to 5 wks that I was told, all done in 1 wk. pretty good. I just called sig customer service because I was curious to know what they found and I was told They only adjusted the extractor, they put some rounds thru it and all good. This weekend I got my 2nd shotgun a Benelli Nova Tactical so I have a good excuse to go to the range this week to test both of them.
  9. Thank y'all for all the advices
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