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  1. BS? So if your weapon had been cleaned this thread would be nonexistent?
  2. I started shooting and then hunting at a young age. I was brought up to clean my firearms after every use. This became a ritual after each time we hit the field. In the military this mindset was instilled to a greater level. I understand that a dirty weapon will still function but why not clean them if time permits?
  3. "However, any ammunition, when fired, creates fouling that, if not cleaned off of the firearm surfaces can cause degradation of the surfaces" Says it all right there bud. Sucks about the firearm but no matter what ammunition you are firing you should clean the weapon. Why wait a week and a half to clean a firearm?
  4. No order needed. Best to take all three at once if possible, currently there are classes available that offer all three.
  5. I just took my rifle test last night and I was talking to the instructor after the class he told me that all proposals had passed.
  6. Thanks for the information. Can anyone confirm for me that it is fine to fire modern 30-06 rounds through it?
  7. Here is some ammo that he included that I thought was pretty cool. Not planning on shooting this ammo though
  8. Will do, I am hoping to pick it up today(FTF) so I will post some then. Any specific aspects of the rifle I should take pictures of to include?
  9. Yea that's it. Although it is nice I plan on replacing it with origanals(don't know how hard it would be to find) or I am sure someone makes replica stocks of some sort right? I am picking it up tomorrow hopefully so I will post some picures. Thanks for all the information.
  10. Ok after looking at some pictures on gun broker, I have some more details to add. The stock is nothing like any of the ones on there. It looks more like a modern bolt action stock with the top of the barrel exposed, like you would see on a Remington 700. The front post sight is just a front post, it does not have the protector ring around it. Also there are no markings on the end of the barrel like I am seeing in pictures on gun broker. The receiver looks exactly like this one besides the bolt being polished.
  11. I am about to buy my first 1903a3 and am just looking for some advice. I know nothing about these rifles but have wanted one for awhile. I came across one that I think is a pretty good price and I am most likely going to purchase it but I just wanted to see what you guys think. I only took one picture and it was the serial number so I could look it up when I got home. On top of the receiver it reads U.S. Remington Model 03-A3, then the serial number. After a little research I found that it was manufactured between April and May of 1943. This rifle is in PRISTINE condition. The action is so smooth, the stock is beautiful and from what I could see had no scratches or dings, there is no rust or pitting anywhere, and the bore looks fine. I am not looking for a collectors piece so none of that really matters, I am just looking for a good range toy. The only thing is this rifle looks brand new, I find it hard to believe that it was used in WWII. The seller claims that his father-in-law carried throughout Europe and I have to reason to no believe him. Couple things that I have some questions on. It is a pistol grip style stock and is just a straight solid stock, there is no band with the sling swivel. Also the bolt handle is stainless not blued like most pictures I have seen. Now the seller did tell me that it was modified a long time ago to eliminate the detachable magazine, now there is an internal magazine but do any of these descriptions sound like it was refurbished or anything? Like I said I don't really care if I am getting everything all matching I am just curious. I am most likely going to purchase it and will post some pictures up when I do to try to get more information. I know you guys probably cant tell me too much without seeing it. Thanks in advance.
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