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  1. Updates from Ruger: https://1895gunner.com/news/9-01-21.html
  2. You must be a resident of New York and have a New York State county of residence issued Pistol Permit to shoot and/or rent a handgun at a range.
  3. The SAFE Act of 2013 changed a lot of things in New York.
  4. Pretty sure anything can be traced if it was purchased legally and put in a log book.
  5. Poor Jack appears to have started off on the wrong foot. https://www.insidernj.com/press-release/njdsc-filing-elec-complaint-ciattarelli-campaign-violation-public-financing-laws/ No one in Bergen County even knows Jack. There’s a million people here. I’m sure some are voting. Only most voted for Murphy in the last election. And for Biden. And for Hillary. (Political party direction seems destined for the Democrat’s.) Murphy will sail to an easy victory
  6. And who could forget Cardinale’s conceal carry bill in the mid-90’s? It went nowhere even with a majority of one party holding office. https://www.nytimes.com/1996/05/19/nyregion/nj-law-concealed-weapons-a-senator-says-their-time-has-come.html
  7. Learn how to “ghost load” your 1301.
  8. That happy feeling when New Jersey announced a digital FID purchase card. That sinking feeling knowing that there were other reasons for such.
  9. Remember that this is the same state who after completing the GSP in 1954, said tolls would be temporary until the bond of $330 million to build it was paid off.
  10. Why do you need a copy? If you have one that’s valid, anyone can look this information up from the comfort of their patrol car. BTW - this new electronic card is in no way a good thing. It’s more like more corralling of the horses.
  11. A bargain but sadly illegal in the People's Republic of New Jersey.
  12. Hopefully you are a p/t resident and landowner in NY and possess a NY pistol permit which denotes “hunting” as an exception for carry.
  13. Where are there guidelines that state you can block or pin magazines? I thought you were given three options when the law was changed: a. Transfer the semi-automatic rifle or magazine to any person or firm lawfully entitled to own or possess that firearm or magazine; b. Render the semi-automatic rifle or magazine inoperable; or c. Voluntarily surrender the semi-automatic rifle or magazine pursuant to the provisions of N.J.S.2C:39-12.
  14. The “top recovery cities” in NJ are an easy guess. https://www.atf.gov/FILE/147136/download
  15. A 5.56 round will not chamber in a .300 Blackout chamber. It’s too long A .300 Blackout will feed and fire in a 5.56 chamber with dangerous results. I think the example depicted is neither. I suspect the wrong ammo in the wrong chamber but in a bolt action gun.
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