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  1. The Moms Demand Action crowd have been hosted at town council meetings throughout Bergen County for the last two years now, selling their spiel. They’ve one-upped 2A advocates early. In areas with zero gun culture, it’s gonna be a hard sell.
  2. I heard Hillsdale Targeteers will be using the range in Woodland Park (Gun for Hire). That’s great news.
  3. Back in April they were offering tours of the facility. I think you can call ahead and schedule one.
  4. Bushmaster’s original Dissipator was a rifle-length gas tube to the FSB and the barrel chopped to 16”. Short barrel, full-length sight radius. “Best of both world’s?” It should work fine depending on the size of the gas port hole drilled in the barrel.
  5. Politicians today put their finger in the air to test the wind and ask their followers which way they’re going. A month after the shooting at the MSD high school in Parkland, FL, more than 300,000 assembled in Washington D.C. to march. We all know how that movement was so quick to gain speed, but it was effective Last Saturday, internet reality stars, YouTuber’s and Instagram posters make a game effort that attracted little attention. Politicians are in business to stay in office. They don’t do anything unless there’s something in it for them. They believe the pablum the anti-gun media feeds them everyday. Those first three causes were done without the help of something called the internet. Imagine that!
  6. It barely made the national news. https://wamu.org/story/19/11/02/second-ammendment-rally-dc-lobby-2a/
  7. I wonder how many of those apathetic gun owners took flight instead of fight? I look around me today and realize the state “looks” a lot different than it did a half century ago.
  8. When the votes are tallied tomorrow evening and results start coming in, it will be telling by the outcome whether this state has any chance left or we’re headed into oblivion.
  9. Bingo! And that was back when there were about 190,000 hunters in the state. Seems they were beguiled by the politicians for some reason. Now their numbers are about 60,000. They’re just s small blip on the radar screen now.
  10. Surprised? There’s no gun culture in New Jersey. That began disappearing half a century ago The hunting culture is disappearing as we speak. Folks who still desire such have moved .
  11. I remember your anguish. As kids come along your priorities change. You’ll get back into it eventually. As for GFH, I have been waiting for their new facility to open. Just don’t know when that will be.
  12. What LE agencies has this group trained in New Jersey thus far? References? PS - I like your avatar.
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