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  1. RTSP is the only range that has published anything informative as to guidelines and Covid19 concerns for their patrons for tomorrow’s opening.
  2. Just set aside some extra cash to make that rifle NJ-compliant by the receiving FFL before the transfer to you.
  3. Reloaderz was recognized by the NSSF this week with a 5-star range rating. Pretty impressive for the new kids on the block.
  4. I believe at least one range in New Jersey bills itself as “family entertainment.”
  5. Looks like the ANJRPC won’t pursue the lawsuit to open ranges at this time. https://www.anjrpc.org/page/NJBigPicture2AUpdate
  6. Murphy is talking “May 20th” to open the state back up He’s got support and FEMA resources to manage test centers until the end of May. I don’t see how you can maintain social distancing of 6’ at indoor ranges. New shooters getting instruction from 6’? RSO’s helping shooters from 6’? Staff at ranges that rent guns wiping rental guns down and disinfecting them for each new shooter. No one is prepared for that For members, maybe it can be done. It’s not happening for a while.
  7. For about the same price I’d pick this if a .308 is your thing https://www.armsunlimited.com/Remington-700-Police-308-Bolt-Action-Rifle-p/86672.htm
  8. “ the only organization asking the true journalistic questions the rest of the media will never touch.” I have to give kudos to Alex and NJ2AS. He has the brass ones to ask the tough questions.
  9. You can HEPA filter all you want. COVID-19 is droplet transmission spread. Unless you social distance humans, I don’t see how indoor ranges that get packed on weekends are going to open.
  10. Watching the President and staff right now present their modeling charts of potential deaths, with New York and New Jersey #1 and #2 with projected fatality numbers; I doubt they’ll be opening any ranges in New Jersey until May. Dry-fire in your basement may be your best bet for a while.
  11. Let’s see if the State opens their outdoor WMA ranges. Per this notice, they’re still closed. https://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/ranges.htm
  12. Seems after so many days of compelling questions to the Governor, Alex wore out his welcome. This only reveals the darker side of things brewing within our State government. I’ll give him credit.
  13. DHS guidelines say: Under the section on “law enforcement, public safety and other first responders,” the list includes, “workers supporting the operation of firearm or ammunition product manufacturers, retailers, importers, distributors and shooting ranges.”
  14. Evan declared residence in the free state of NH. He did so years ago. http://www.efnappen.com/about.html
  15. Evan declared residence in the free state of NH. http://www.efnappen.com/about.html
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