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  1. Wanted to sell or trade PWS MK114 Mod 1 rifle. 14.5" Barrel with PWS FSC 556 compensator pinned to 16" overall length. Rifle is 100% NJ legal. Aimpoint T2 with Scalarworks mount. Geissele SSA trigger. Light mount with Surefire G2X. Hogue grip with storage. Only has 200 rounds through it. I have the original grip and trigger as well. It came with an ALG defense trigger. Rifle and parts would be about $2,600 new. Looking for $2,100 or best offer. Reasonable offers considered. Also willing to sell the rifle only without the Aimpoint T2, Geissele trigger, Hogue grip and light/mount. I will pay for transfer fees at dealer. Must have NJ FID card and matching drivers license. If parting out prices are: Rifle only - $1,200 Trigger - $190 Aimpoint T2 in Scalarworks mount- $640 Hogue Grip - $20 Light and mount - $85 Link to detailed review of the MK114. Possible trades would be: Walther Q5 Match Poly frame and cash on your part. Walther Q5 Match steel frame. Would be willing to trade straight up if new. Walther CCP M2 9mm Stainless and cash on your part. Rock island armory 51961 9mm 1911 and cash on your part. Other 1911 9mm pistols considered as well. These are the only trades I am considering at this time.
  2. Magazine limits in NJ only apply to semi-auto rifles or handguns.
  3. Troy Par. Small modification to the magazine well and magazine and you could have 20/30/60/100 rounders. http://troydefense.com/pumpactionrifle/
  4. I have a Troy PAR pump action rifle. Uses AR magazines. Sweet rifle. Folding and adjustable stock. I put a smith vortex flash hider on it instead of the brake. All legal due to the pump action. I have been told by some that with a slight modification to the mag well and magazine that any capacity magazine would be legal in NJ. You have to make sure that the magazine will no longer fit into a semi auto. The capacity laws in NJ only apply to semi auto. http://troydefense.com/pumpactionrifle/ There are a few different versions of this rifle and a few different calibers. I have the .223/5.56.
  5. Does this now create a split between the seventh and ninth circuits? The seventh struck down a total ban on concealed carry, but the ninth holds that "good cause aka justifiable need" is ok.
  6. The Armatix pistol is only available in one caliber (.22lr) and it does not recognize the owner of the weapon. It recognizes a wrist watch that anyone including a thief or a child could wear. This does not meet NJ's definition of a smart gun.
  7. Do you think a pmag could be modified to only fit in this rifle or would it have to be a metal magazine? This idea intrigues me.
  8. Looks like they will vote on it Monday May 12th http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/BillsForAgendaView.asp
  9. http://www.supremecourt.gov/orders/courtorders/050514zor_m6io.pdf Wow!
  10. Kadayo

    New Bullpup

    It's actually on both sides. It's ambidextrous.
  11. I actually like the concept. A folding stock is especially good for me. I have a short safe and have to store my AR disassembled. This would fit right in there and be ready to go.
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