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  1. Yeah Ridgewood is super fast. First time took 19 days, second took 10 days and the third 11 days. When I lived in Clifton it was 3 months.
  2. 1. Application type: 5 Pistol permits with existing paper FID. 2. Police Department where you applied: Ridgewood 3. Name of the person you dealt with at the PD: Records department 4. Time taken to issue FID and/or permit: Application submitted via FARS on 9/13/2021 References responded by 09/15/2021 Received letter in the mail on 09/15/2021 to make payment in person Payment made 09/16/2021 (Dropped off by my wife) Permits issued 09/24/2021 5. Documents required by the PD (aside from the standard application and the mental health release form): None 6. Notes: 11 days total, Called the records department on 09/22/2021 because the check was not cashed and I never received the email from the state saying the mental health check was completed. This is no longer done apparently. Check has still not been cashed actually. One thing of note was that the gentleman on the phone (Tom i think) mentioned that there is a seven day waiting period from payment date to issue date no matter what. I never heard that one before. Either way 11 days aint bad. I hope in the future they will take some form of online payment. This would make it even faster I think.
  3. It seems that they no longer send an email after criminal history check is completed. Can anyone confirm that?
  4. Apparently SmartGunz is ready to ship a 9mm 1911 "smartgun" in Q2 2021. Would this trigger the NJ smartgun law? https://smartgunz.co/ https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2021/01/26/1094270/
  5. As title states I am looking for some PMC 357 Magnum 158gr JSP. Let me know if you have any you are willing to sell. I am in Northern NJ and a member of Reloaderz so we could meet there for the sale. Also willing to pay for shipping if the price is right.
  6. Looks like the permit fees stay the same for now. https://www.nj.com/politics/2020/09/new-budget-deal-kills-murphy-plans-to-raise-nj-taxes-on-cigarettes-firearms-but-hits-corporations-millionaires.html
  7. Any update on this? The millionaires tax is happening. Has anyone heard about the gun permit fees increases lately?
  8. 11 days in Ridgewood. Two weeks last time. Beats the old system and 3 months in Clifton.
  9. The check I started on Sunday is now approved.
  10. Even worse this morning. Cutting staff but not stopping the checks at least. Important Message: 8 AM 03/18/2020: 1100 submissions for the start of Wednesday, 03/18/20. Today’s work will NOT be completed, as we do not have the staffing to support this extremely high volume. Feel free to share this information with your customers. Please understand the transactions are completed in the order they are received. No exceptions! We are now minimally staffed in order to prevent the spread of this virus and ask that you continue to be patient. Thank you and stay healthy.
  11. As others have said the Glock 43x or 48. Nice slim grip and 10rd capacity.
  12. Took mine to the range for the first time on Saturday. After getting the Aimpoint T2 sighted in at 25yards I was putting every round through the same hole off of a rest. Plenty accurate I would say. The stock is pinned at the longest setting from the factory and there is no easy way to change it. I ordered a Lage fixed stock and MCX adapter to shorten up the length of pull. It is perfect for me now. Plus it made the rifle a bit lighter as the Lage stock is polymer. Another bit of info is that the Aimpoint T2 in a Scalarworks mount will not fit on the rail above the receiver on this rifle. The wheel on the side of the mount sits below the rail enough that it will not fit on this particular rifle. I had to get a Daniel Defense micro mount. Hope this info can be helpful to some.
  13. Oh and I got mine for $560. Look around for the best price.
  14. I have the 19126. 100% NJ legal out of the box. Fixed stock and no threaded barrel.
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