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  1. Would love too but that’s two trips down south as jerseys background checks take two to three days
  2. Permit picked up today. Photographed, signed and on my way in 5 minutes.
  3. Monroe county is issuing to non residents. Picking mine up next week.
  4. Update: Form received on 9/30. Brought to local PD the same day. Form picked up from local PD on 10/7. Mailed back to Monroe county Sheriff same day and they received it yesterday 10/11. Received a call today from Monroe county sheriff to set up appointment for pickup. 10/27 10:30am.
  5. I’m in the middle of the process for a non resident permit with Monroe county. Just returned the form they asked my local PD to fill out and have notarized. Hopefully I’ll have my permit in the next few weeks.
  6. Sooooo.... Ocean county dropped the court orders and restrictions it seems?
  7. Bergen is absolutely issuing and relatively quickly. I applied on 7/22 and had the permit in my hand on 09/02. Permit was actually issued on 08/24 so just over a month. In Bergen county you better have an absolutely clean record though. They are denying for excessive traffic violations and anything else that may be considered controversial. My advice in Bergen county is to not call the court or the local PD. You will get the permit but have patience.
  8. Just received a call form the Monroe County Sheriff's office. They are mailing me a form that has to be signed by my police department and also notarized. Quick action at least. 2 days.
  9. also, it is not in the summary of the bill but in the body it states - any part of the buildings or grounds of a privately or publicly owned and operated entertainment facility within this State, including but not limited to a theater, stadium, museum, arena, racetrack or other place where performances, concerts, exhibits, games, or contests are held
  10. Not a law yet. It's not on the Assembly Judiciary Committee schedule yet. Hopefully some of the language can be changed or amended before it comes up for a vote. The penalties for a permit to carry holder are crazy.
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