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  1. My only regret in getting my 226 is that I didn't get a stainless frame. I will always want an all stainless sig.
  2. Josh u are a homo. Go get gas and eat some non perishable sausage.
  3. Nice PSL n nice stock. . Good stain as well. Definitely not traditional PSL.
  4. OK the OP specifies he prefers a traditional Yugo AK. The traditional VS. tactical AK war is based on preference and if the OP gets either I'd be more than glad to have him join the the conglomerate AK club. I have a yugo "tactical" AK. Is my AK less preferable because I have a red dot? I'll let him shoot my AK all day. Heck I'll drive to his location to let him shoot his best group all day. Let the OP choose. If he still wants a traditional Yugo AK more power to him. It's his choice not ours. Any standard Warsaw LOP AK starts off traditional and as Vlad said I can use 1 hex and a ratchet to switch it back in a minute.
  5. No one ever cares about a red dot on a custom 1911 that costs the price of 5 Saigas. Its actually accepted on a bullseye gun. Seriously why should you care about what the majority of people have on any gun? Oh BTW that pic shows a pair of Chinese communists that probably can't have sisters let alone a red dot on top of anything besides a blu ray player. Also Vlad is using an ultimak gas tube rail not a side mount receiver rail. Just saying.
  6. Let's get the story straight. I'm a responsible gun owner. Always have, always will be. I seriously don't think anyone of you understand the level of fear behind everyone involved. I press check all firearms once a round is chambered in each magazine. I practice very good etiquette. Muzzle bagged and cased down range even while unpacking I've kept my muzzle down range. Finger off thr trigger until punch out with the front sight focused. . I Never had an RO ever need to correct my actions. I don't shoot for speed. I shoot for accuracy. I literally dry fire thousands of rounds with a press check to recock and review the snap cap prior to every dry fire. I don't act like this sometimes. I practice this all the time. Safety starts with good training. Obviously none of us were trained gunsmiths and can detach any extractor to free the stuck rim. All numbers at EFGA led to voicemail. We tried. We failed, but we survived. The rounds are still out there. One of you guys will eventually experience this. Maybe you will be shooting at a better time with more resources. I wish the best of luck for all of you. We all have family and loved ones. If you can't respect and fear a firearm you do not deserve one. I knew damn well I was going I look like an idiot, but you know what. I posted anyways. Not for my sake, but yours. This will happen again, but not to me. Nothing I can say can make what we did right, but seriously all the asshat comments with no better recommendation is neither amusing or productive. We are shooters. We come from different walks of life and come here for information. I spend my life on the Internet and take all advice here with a grain of salt, but coming at me like I disrespected you is the wrong approach.
  7. There was a class going another range. We notified all of them and noone was qualified. Being 7PM on a Sunday Night in the middle of PA where can you find a qualified gunsmith? Yes we wanted to go get someone, but there was noone available that time of night. We did not feel comfortable driving w/ a loaded firearm even pointed to the sky safe in a case. No RO or officials around. We did not want to deal w/ the legal ramifications of transporting w/ a loaded firearm. We did not want to cause any harm to anyone outside the range. Once again the slide was completely shut. Round was stuck on the extractor and no amount of force can rack it loose. The striker was engaged & our fear was it would go off at anytime. I never said what we did was right. I never once felt comfortable being around any weapon in that state. We reacted to a manufacture defect. I agree our reaction wasn't the best decision. It was wrong, but no one got hurt. The least I can do is make this right and make sure this doesn't happen to any of you. Don't you think we all felt our lives were in danger? We respect and fear our firearms even more now that this happened.
  8. Thanks for the helpful reply Paul. Im not sure. I was not the one who purchased it. It's the cheap value 100 round pack at Walmart. Costs 24 dollars and change. I'll text my cousin to get specifics on the rounds.
  9. Has anyone ever experience this? If so what was i supposed to do?
  10. We've marked the boxes and are sending them back to Walmart. A reaction to a problem doesn't solve the issue. There's still a lot of WWB out there that is seemingly out of spec. This type of malfunction wasn't user error. It's manufacture defect. Why flame me when we were the ones who were at stake? Did i make the brass? Like I said out of all 3 guns I wasn't the involved in getting any one of them to jam.
  11. No point in arguing. Noone got hurt. Noone will. This was intended to keep us aware. BTW i never fired any of the weapons that were eventually malfunctioned.
  12. What exactly can we do? There were live rounds in each chamber on a Sunday night. No qualified gunsmith or range officer available. There was multiple people at the range with noone even trying to give us options. If we had any way to transport these weapons safely we would've done so. We didn't have the tools to pry out the extractor. We are not trying to be irresponsible. We needed to make a decision. We've decided it is unsafe to drive w/ gun loaded while in this condition. We did not want any negligent discharge in the vehicle that could take anyone's life anywhere around us. Yes i know the option we've chose was not smart. Even if the gun didn't discharge during the initial impact there was a chance one of us would get hit while picking up the weapon. We feared and respected each and every firearm with the greatest amount of concern.
  13. Wow this is just horrible. My prayers to her family. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2012/07/20/movie-massacre-survivor-june-mall-shooting-killed-in-colorado-theater-report/
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