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  1. Check was cashed today.
  2. I got mine and sent it back around 2/7. Check has not been deposited yet.
  3. I sent you a PM with some info.
  4. New members are by reservation only!! E-mail filled out application to [email protected] or send to the below address and he will call you to set up an appointment. He is planning to have the New Member Meeting on the last Wednesday of the Month. If volume rises, you may be called to come in earlier. If your dad gets the newsletters all the info is in the newsletter’s phone numbers etc.
  5. I did mine myself with minimal tools. Watched some good plumbers on the Tube, and went at it. I understand people have to make money but $1500 for labor for the 3-4 hrs it takes them, is crazy in my mind.
  6. I’ll take the 20 gauge. 2nd dibs on the 45 if it falls through sent pm.
  7. Has anyone else used the new E-Permit system ? Wonder if this is speeding up the P2P process with the local PD's ?
  8. Wonder how long this will be, since most of the delays are from the local PD. Please update when your permits are paid for and valid. Thanks!
  9. I did a quick search and seems to be a pretty popular problem with xbox and Verizon's router. Here seem'd to be a fix for the G3100 router: You need to turn off the Home Network Protection that's automatically on when you get the new g3100 home router. You can turn it off from the my FiOS app, because that feature is mostly used for Parental control on kids. And that feature blocks sites like casino, gaming ports, adult sites, Chromecast, CCTV, etc It's under internet in the my FiOS. Once you turn it off, then reboot your router and then you can explore the whole world of internet and enjoy your internet and the router. Here's what the guy said: I know this feature issue, because I had experience with it affecting my xbox'es from connecting to the network.
  10. https://www.sgammo.com/product/geco-ammo-sale/1000-round-case-9mm-luger-115-grain-fmj-brass-case-geco-dtx-ammo-made-hungary 6 cases available It's there, pricey, but they have some cases at this time. Synthetic: https://www.sgammo.com/product/federal-ammo-sale/50-round-box-9mm-luger-subsonic-150-grain-tsj-federal-american-eagle-synte 50 boxes available.
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