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  1. I say leave it alone. Consider that there are way more chances he was either LEO, Fed, or unknowing out of state resident passing through than a thug.
  2. There's a place in Camden that does it, but the name escapes me. I have been told they can accommodate very large items.
  3. Definitely. That would be the law and public safety committee for anyone who may not be aware.
  4. Banner advertising starts next week on nj101.5's web page. I'm think we're potentially looking at 5K.
  5. The way I read it, reloading would be a no no with this bill! February 8 is going to be the day we demand a stop to the lunacy!
  6. With all due respect to current and retired LEO's, can I ask why no one has tried to sue for discrimination? I understand that retired LEO's have years of training and job experience that the majority of average people don't. However, once you are off the job, you are now citizen x like the rest of us. Doesn't CCW for retired LEOs to an extent say that NJ says their life is more valuable than everyone else? This is right in line with the NRA argument that if the elite have armed security why can't everyone's kids?
  7. A couple of us are thinking about taking the train up. If it changes, I may be able to fit you in as long as you don't mind an extended can full size pick up and two guys that smoke.
  8. I heard the same thing. Basically, all that idea would do is eliminate a trip after 6 months to the PD for 6 more more permits. There was also no mention about multiple gun purchase exemptions, or what happens if someone wanted to buy 13 or more pistols in a year. Repeal the pistol permit law and eliminate OGAM is the logical thing to do but we all know how logic and politics mix.
  9. Exactly. There was a set of questions that were basically no win situations. The group of us that took the test could not believe some of the stuff they asked. Friends or not, I'm not in favor of any home inspection. Precedence is a very dangerous thing to set in some cases. There is no reason to need a home inspection to exercise a constitutional right.
  10. I have taken that test. After having to answer questions like "would you rather commit rape or watch child porn?", your head spins for hours. If you answer any of the questions about your background, ie "have you ever been in a fist fight" yes, you get grilled in the interview portion in an attempt to push you over the edge. This bill needs to die a fast death and never see the light of day again.
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