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  1. Yes and no, permits are good for 90 days and you can extend them to 180 days total. As long as you don't see it taking any longer than that, you are fine.
  2. No, not even close. But for about $750 you get a lot of gun. I'm not a big Ruger fan, but I see the value in some of their stuff.
  3. The .357(.38)/9mm already exists as the Vaquero. They have a .45 Colt/.45ACP, too.
  4. Fwiw, that Kimber compact conversion should work. They are designed to work with most other brands as well. You could call to find out. I can respect wanting a whole separate gun though. The Browning 1911-22 looks cool.
  5. Conversion kit! https://store.kimberamerica.com/handguns/1911/rimfire-conversion-kits
  6. For what it's worth I discovered a few cosmetic issues with the Colt and it has taken a trip back to Connecticut.
  7. Thank you. I've noticed that trend. Lol I don't know why I'm not a member of the Colt forum.
  8. Maybe... Someone will buy the name though. Besides, "What is dead may never die."
  9. The 1911 is a hell of a platform.
  10. There is a demand for their products, and you have enough crazies like me that still have faith in Colt. They need someone with some business sense at the helm.
  11. Without a doubt a better purchase means better control. That being said, I am equally capable with 2 or 3 fingers on the grip. I like to carry as small as I can because I don’t like changing up my style just to conceal. I am a firm believer that not standing out while carrying (I.e. clothing, especially gun branded stuff/mannerisms) is just as important as keeping the gun concealed in the first place. That is my logic anyway and YMMV. The biggest limit in my view is capacity. That’s why you carry spare mags though.
  12. **SPF** Up on the block is my trusty 22/45 MKIII. Selling because I want a regular MK. Left it in a garage in PA at a hunting cabin for about 3 days and light oxidation formed on the bolt right where the ejection port is. Discoloration is pictured. Disassembled and could not find a speck elsewhere. Took a hoppes gun wipe and bronze 0000 wool and lightly touched it up. Was going to flitz it to make it shine again, but I haven't found the time. Has upgraded hammer bushing (from TandemKross) so the trigger pull is a little more consistent. Also, there is no magazine disconnect and the mags drop free. Three mags included. With box and pic rail. Nice little tack driver for fun at the range or self defense against all variety of paper threat. Asking $250. Would like to meet Union/Hudson county area, if you have something else in mind, PM me. Thanks for looking.
  13. +1 don't see much point in a laser. If I was going to have any kind of assist that would simplify aiming on a pistol, it would be a red dot. That being said, at practical pistol distances, irons (vision being a factor) are damn adequate. I am partial to blacked out rears with a high vis front of some type.
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