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  1. Little late to the game, but I went EO because of the parallax difference. 0 at 100 vs about 9” IIRC. Plus I am cross eye dominant, both eyes open doesn’t work out so well as point shooting, so I prefer the bigger window vs. tube.
  2. The fact of the matter is, it all comes down to perceived value here. There is a reason Nighthawk and Rock Island can coexist and both be successful. I like to spend my money with companies I know and trust, regardless of price (unless completely unreasonable).
  3. On the note of hating the recoil, I find the sig bore axis too high. I'm not a fan, and as such I sold out of my P226 and P320RX. Too much moving mass above the hand. I picked up an M9 and I think it is a much sweeter shooter than the P226. YMMV
  4. I prefer side loading, and I would like it alone. That being said, the merits of front tube make it a great addition to side loading. Front loading alone was unappealing for anything but .22lr, but the addition of the loading gate has put a Henry on my "must buy" list.
  5. As soon as we meet up, hopefully.
  6. Nice find. Those old Smiths hold up very well, and yours is beautiful. Where is @Pizza Bob?
  7. Keanu Reeves can keep making movies and I will gladly go see them. If you didn't know (not that it changes how much I enjoy his work), he had a rough life: https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/keanu-reeves-life-is-more-tragic-than-you-think.html/ Plus JW3 was awesome. I like that they mention that he has made a lot of trouble over the past few weeks. It felt like it was just different enough to be interesting, plus, you just want to see when and how Mr. Wick finds peace. The 3 we have so far would be awesome to binge back to back, but I'll wait for the 4th (and maybe final movie). I also like that he didn't get all hypocritical like Liam Neeson. I liked his movies until he opened his mouth.
  8. Up for sale is my P2000 LEM variant. It is a 9mm. Included are standard accessories (box, backstraps) as well as the following: Factory night sights (meprolights?) Additional backstraps that do not have the internal lock (one currently on gun) Blade-Tech WRS Level 2 Holster with Tek-lok belt attachment Alien gear IWB holster LIGHT LEM trigger spring installed for improved pull No magazines, unless you have a FFL that will modify them. I am looking to get $600. The gun is like new mechanically with only about 400 rounds down the pipe. It does have some holster/carry wear, but again, is like new mechanically. Thanks for looking. P.S.: Boolits not included.
  9. So very sorry, always forget to do this. SPF via PM “I’ll take it.” GRIZ, it has the round hammer.
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