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  1. mpflood

    PTAC parts?

    I have a ptac complete upper that I am happy with.
  2. Idk what just happened,but I'm cracking up.Thanks guys
  3. Did you clean oil ports under cover? Can the chain shoot oil on ground when you rev her?
  4. Haworth still has Turkey shoot in Bergen
  5. I did speak to boe and principal and I was ripping mad...They heard me out and basically told me," what's my problem" I shared the newsletter with others in town and I believe I was the only one who called and went nuts... The teacher in question I come to find,is an old schoolmate of mine and I can't wait to lay into this Mofo when I see him
  6. I have one in the vault bedside loaded with pdx 1 h.d. loads
  7. Thank you,brother Sent from my ADR6410LVW using Tapatalk
  8. I'm in Dumont too and can't wait to call boe Monday morning
  9. Yeah,pretty wild how the gun went bang in the fryer. The slo mo of discharge in a vacuum was radical
  10. Got me a Calico Jack lower,very smooth transaction. Love ya,man
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