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  1. But have they solved the problem of the bags falling against the glass and getting stuck?
  2. I like toast with nutella and peanut butter on it. Good stuff.
  3. Those R2D2-looking heaters are fantastic. Ours kept the house toasty after Sandy. They're very efficient and can be used to boil water and cook in a pinch. One morning I fried bacon and eggs in a pan resting on the top.
  4. It's almost $6 in Hackettstown. The stuff isn't cheap and it seems like fewer people are buying and selling it anymore.
  5. Impact was in the front of the shoulder, so he hit his chest. No helmet contact. The NFL's rules are a little out of hand.
  6. At the moment it was an interception which was getting run back, and Foles was moving into the ball carrier's path. He was watching the runner and had his body angled toward him. Baker hit him hard, but the hit was square in the chest, not the back or in the helmet. If QBs don't want to get hit, they should move away from the play and not towards it, otherwise they should be treated like any other player.
  7. The Star Ledger editorial board writes crap like this to rile up the pro-gun crowd for page views. They're just the "news" version of internet trolls.
  8. My nightcap recently has been sipping a shot of Bird Dog peach whiskey. The blackberry whiskey is also very good.
  9. Those log splitters you can pivot vertically are a godsend.
  10. I'd say any toothpaste that has a decent amount of abrasive in it, since toothpaste is basically just a very mild (and minty) polishing compound. Ordinary white toothpaste would give the most bang for the buck, I guess. Youtube has a lot of demonstration videos.
  11. Try toothpaste and a sponge.
  12. This is an interesting point. We can no longer argue "I can just cross the river and carry..." It's like taking the cookie jar off the counter and putting it on the top shelf out of sight.
  13. Different blades make a HUGE difference. It all depends on the person and their shaving style. A brand loved by some is hated by others. For me, Feather is a little too unforgiving, but I can appreciate how fine their edge is and how some would love them. I've been getting surprisingly good results with the Gillette 7 o'clock razors. They're sharp enough to give me a close shave, they last a while, and they don't cut me up. My advice: buy a sampler pack and try a bunch of different blades. When you find one you love, buy the bulk pack. I can get a pack of 100 Gillette blades shipped for $17.50 on Amazon. I still love Col. Conk soaps. The lime is refreshing in the warmer months.
  14. Maybe they'll change the format to a pie-eating contest. Re-visiting this thread reminded me of that Sweeney vote-interruption and how NOTHING HAPPENED. I'd forgotten about it for a while because it just went away. This state needs a reboot.
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