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  1. I have one of these, was sold and shipped via fed ex to me in NJ. Its for sale if someone wants it. As far as I can tell, the capsules hold the legal amount of OC. http://www.jpxpeppergun.net/
  2. I tried that...the mainspring seems to need quiet a bit of compression to get it lined up. Nick, I may have to stop by...just dont know when....you in the shop tomorrow at all?
  3. I need help to fix my ignorance. So tonight I thought it would be a good idea to try to disassemble my champion 1911 GI. I thought I did pretty well but I can't for the life of me get the bottom mainspring housing pin back in. I've tried everything short of a jackhammer and I really don't want to ruin the gun, obviously. Is there anyone in the north that can meet up with me sometime and get this gun back together? Or while we are at it, throw in a skeleton trigger? -Josh
  4. Hey guys, I feel like I've been away for a while. Haven't had the time with getting married and all that jazz to get on here as much. Recently I picked up a Springfield officer size 1911. Appears to be a GI model (I.e simple sights, Matte finish, and a set of "US" wood grips in the box.). I got it from a buddy who's having some tough times and the gun itself is not in rough shape, it does have dings and scratches on the slide, barrel and frame. I'm wondering if anyone out there does refinishing that's not going to cost me an arm and a leg. Thanks. Josh
  5. Anyone have any tips on cleaning her up alittle bit? I dont want to go full restore, as the gun has character, and that is one of the allures of it. But I do not like dirty guns ((not talking lead build up dirty, more pitting and scratches dirty)) and if I could get it to a really nice polish and shine I think it would look even better. There is somthing about the finish of the gun, not seen in the pictures, that is screaming for a shine.
  6. Nick, Maybe I'll bring it by and let you drool over it, and then clean it LOL
  7. Thanks guys. It's def a piece of LEO history, and a very well maintained one at that. It's nice to have it handed down to me from my dad in the same fashion that it was given to him. (although, he didn't have to bic his head every morning baha). I know they are made well, and I'm hoping one day I can hand it down to my kid.
  8. When my father started as a police officer in 1980, a retiring LT gave him this S&W revolver. According to my dad, the LT was a special officer in the 50's where he originally got the revolver. My dad put a lock on it and put it in his safe where it sat, unfired by him, for 30 years. He has decided to hand it down to me as I pursue and start a career in law enforcement. I've tried to do some research, but S&W wheel guns look the same to me for the most part so I'm at a loss. It is a 4" barrel, adjustable rear sight, 6 shot, chambered in .38 special. I tried to get a shot of some proof marks to help us out. It's a beautiful blued finish that shines almost like a chrome finish would. Let's see what we can come up with. I know there are some revolver gurus among you guys and I would really love to know what I have here.
  9. send it.....you make the first move LOL
  10. It's just not my thing nick LOL. If you or joe have any interest let me know. I hate to have guns sit in the safe and not get used or appreciated.
  11. Decided I want to get a newer gun, and somthing that I can carry. I'm not much of a collector, so I figured I would see if someone out there can appreciate this weapon better than I can. From what I was told, this is a 1975 Beretta 92 which pre dates all the models with letter suffixes. This pistol features the following: Frame mounted safety Rounded trigger guard Mag release on the grip Pictures are below. gun is in good shape for its age. Slight scrapes shown in the pictures. Was told by the guys at Mastadon that the gun has not been shot alot at all. I just had it up at their shop for a complete ultrasonic cleaning and hot lube service. I also have 5 or 6 15 round mags for it. I do not have the box or any paper work Asking $400 OBO. Not really wanting to hold onto it. PM me if you are interested.
  12. JWGlock23

    Mouse Gun's

    Yes, they both have the tip up barrel. I'll get some pictures up tomorrow for everyone.
  13. Anyone know if this would fit into a FS holster?
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