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  1. Does anyone know where this gun is? Will it ever really be rolled out?
  2. I also put in a new trigger which I hope that may not be the issue.
  3. This might be a little bit hard to follow I will try my best. My grip safety that I installed on my Remington 1911 r1 is giving me a problem. It's a Wilson combat drop in grip safety. The trigger cannot be pulled if the grip safety is not engaged which is correct but here is where I may lose you. If I try to pull the trigger without the grip safety engaged I can't, however if I then depress the grip safety down about half way the trigger can then pull, and to top it off I won't have to apply any more pressure on the grip safety to keep it depressed. I can move my hand away from it and if I am engaging the trigger the grip safety will stay depressed. Otherwise the safety checks work. It's confusing to me and I am not sure what it means. The grip safety fit fine without any filing, and I installed a new hammer also. Hope this makes sense
  4. I have a Remington 1911 R1 and want to put some Wilson combat parts on it. If I buy a drop in wilson beaver tail grip safety along with a Wilson combat hammer are there other parts internally I will have to replace also? I'm putting a new trigger in also, I may use an STI trigger or stay with Wilson for it. Any advice would help. Thanks
  5. Hey guys I am new to the forum but I know someone can help me here. I recently purchased a Remington 19crouton an online dealer and haven't fired it yet. There is a scratch that is developing just from manually shifting the slide forwards and backwards. It is forming on the front of the slide. I field stripped it and noticed that on the dust cover the metal wasn't buffed out and there is a line which is creating the scratch on my slide. Are there any warranty repair service areas for Remington near by? I am located in central jersey. If not I will be sending it back to be repaired. Thanks.
  6. I just recently purchased a 1911. I am looking for some .45 ACP ammo also and I hear that dicks sporting goods does have a good amount. One specific I was told over the phone was a box of Remington 230 grain for $20 at 50 rounds.
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