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  1. You got a bad link or something? WTF does https://womediastudies.wordpress.com/2015/08/29/the-cult-of-consumerism-and-recent-female-pubic-hair-grooming-trends/ have to do with bushcraft?
  2. Wait a few more months and invest that money into ammo. Buy it cheap, stack it deep.
  3. So I somehow stumbled upon this awesome Youtuber And he makes bushcraft camping look very enjoyable, challenging but enjoyable. So if anybody is into this style of camping how did you get started, where would you recommend I start, general bushcraft discussion. Unfortunately, my camping experience involves a campsite, a tent, and a cooler full of beer...not very merit badge worthy.
  4. 8 seems young for a suicide but who the fuck knows these days
  5. Looks to bulky with sharp edges that will snag shit in your pack. I'll stick with my Henry AR-7.
  6. Rock River Arms offers an AWB compliant on their site, $595 seems a bit pricey to me but I haven't purchased anything AR related in awhile. http://www.rockriverarms.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_id=267 Check out the different online gun shops and look for "AWB compliant uppers".
  7. johnp


    Static stretching is good as a cool-down after your workout, but you don't want to static stretch until your muscles are warmed.
  8. I don't know what the current legal stuff is or what sappa or tpath is, but that shit is way too long; didn't read.
  9. If you are looking to buy a complete upper, make sure it doesn't have a flash hider or a bayonet lug and you are NJ compliant. Another option if you don't want to neuter a perfectly good complete upper is too simply build your own upper how ever you like. You get to build it how you see fit, barrel length, shroud/rails, brake.etc. More people build lowers then uppers, but it really isn't difficult at all just follow the build guide. But if you want to keep it cheap I would order something like this grind off the lug and replace the A2 FH. That will be about as cheap as you can get. http://palmettostatearmory.com/index.php/ar-15-05/barreled-upper-assemblies/psa-16-mid-length-cmv-cl-stripped-upper-without-bcg-or-charging-handle.html As far as building your lower before neutering your upper, it depends on how much of a nervous Nelly you are. As DeerSlayer pointed out, there is some dumb law about intent or something, but I've never heard of anyone being charged with it, nor have I heard reports of LE raiding someones workbench looking for flash hiders and bayo lugs. Also as DS said, if you are worried about being raided for having a lower and an assault bazooka upper, buy whatever upper you like and have it shipped to your gunsmith for compliance work.
  10. Sigh. Yes, exactly what made a doctors visit necessary. He skimmed over the facts relating to blank ammo and jumped right to the happy ending. I can hypothesize just as well as you, but if ex-carney man feels the need to he will further elaborate on his story....which is why I quoted his post to appease my curiosity.
  11. I feel as if key points of this story are missing.
  12. Maybe your browser needs an update? (The old dumb question) have you tried restarting your pc? I notice with Firefox sometimes things get a little quirky and a quick reboot fixes it.
  13. Joe doesn't sell guns or shoot them, someone text him and let him know his account was hacked.
  14. You cannot kill Mosin with wire-brush Comrade. Mosin made of strong Soviet steel not weak capitalist pig steel.
  15. Why do you need the full length stock if the OAL is within legal specs? I don't see why the rifle would be illegal if the OAL length is met, and the stock in pinned.
  16. johnp

    HG Length VS CCW

    Why don't you go to your LGS and try one on?
  17. Because ammo wholesalers and suppliers are holding back supply to drive up demand and price. They know people idiots will panic and buy at a higher price.
  18. Matt seriously don't be so sensitive, if I thought it was your fault alone I would have said Matt you are causing a panic....but I didn't I said 'people' as-in the group. Gun owners who panic whenever guns are mentioned on the national news and then run out and buy up all the ammo ARE creating the panic. Obama isn't taking all the 22 from Walmart shelves, panicky gun owners are. There was never any fear of .22LR being banned, but yet shelves were empty for months because gun owners create the panic. Your "little thread on this small forum" may not have a significant impact on national ammo surplus, but every similar thread on here, on AR-15.com, on /k/, on THR, and every firearm forum snowballs into panic buying. I don't think Drez or myself are blaming ammo shortages, or panic buying on NJGF specifically. But all the members of firearm forums, who run out and buy ammo as soon as something happens are at fault.
  19. Obviously if you are buying ammo for shtf you already have your food and water needs taken care of....water catchment system or a natural source. MREs, dried food, seeds for growing, and a garden already setup and producing food. But as I said IMO 1k rounds of ammo is not enough for shtf.
  21. Civil unrest type shtf I want at least 10k rounds of my most used calibers. Because who knows how long it will last. It gives you the ability to help arm your neighbors(militia), gives you a bartering item in the future when other people run out of ammo, and overall it's easy to store and hide around your property. We don't know precisely how much we would need but I'd rather have more then not enough. 1k rounds seems like way to small a number if you are truly preparing for shtf. I've shot 1k rds. of 223 in one range trip, and close to that in 9 and 12ga.
  22. johnp

    So taktikul

    This guy is operating on an operational level that only true operators can understand.
  23. I am going to point out the obvious here but if the thought of selling it pains you then don't do it. Many guys have sold one gun to buy another and live to regret it. If you want a new toy just save up the coin to buy it, live frivolously for awhile or pick up a few extra shifts at work so you don't have to sell one to finance a new one.
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