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  1. How exactly would the gubmint know if one were selling too many guns F2F?
  2. johnp

    Keltec KSG

    Sure. Where in North Jersey are you? I usually go to Bullet Hole Monday mornings.
  3. johnp

    Keltec KSG

    I have one. Pros: Capacity Cool factor Size Cons: The recoil seemed a bit harsh, but I shot it at the range a day after shooting trap, so my shoulder was already sore..... Too expensive to use for HD/SD No accessories on it.
  4. Do you have first hand knowledge of this, or a source that says this is legal? I have never heard of a federal law/statue that allowed armed security guards to cross state lines especially into NJ.
  5. How much would I pay for a WASR-10? $500
  6. So your saying those guys who drive a Brinks truck don't need to have a NJ state CCW? That sounds incorrect. The only people who can CCW in NJ without a NJ issued CCW, are leos from other states.
  7. I found this video and was WOWed by this mans stupidity, so I had to share it. And also to inform those unfamiliar with hangfires how to react. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iGzCXsU7YU
  8. I'd at least try them before you pull them apart; maybe you'll get lucky and have no problems. If they are all duds meh such is life sometimes. Be mindful of hangfires.
  9. What gave you the impression that it was anything other then legal?
  10. Paint/coat/melted crayon the details on the slide, fill in the Glock, model, caliber with pink filler that way the color scheme flows...
  11. My Henry .22 lever action is one of my favorite guns to shoot, so much fun.
  12. Cheap/affordable and made in the USA....not likely. Affordable, lifetime warranty, no bs replacement plan, the first thing that comes to mind is Harbor Freight. But nothing there is made in the USA. Some people hate on the quality of Harbor Freight's tools but I've never had a problem with any of their hand tools.
  13. Next time we go to LVSC I will definitely stop at the BBQ joint. I had a real shitty breakfast at Denny's and it was so god damn hot out today, both just wiped the hunger right out of me.
  14. I caught the clay shooting bug a few months ago as well. And I bought a CZ Mallard O/U and I freakin love it. I shot sporting clays for the first time this morning and being able to pop a few doubles was a lot of fun.
  15. I did not, we ate breakfast right before we went shooting and when we left it was so hot. Food wasn't even a thought in my mind.
  16. How about.....now hear me out.....use the warning points system and BAN the troublemakers. There are enough of these threads telling people how to act that if they don't follow the rules kick them the fuck out. As a side note; questioning a cop or his actions does NOT equal "leo hater".
  17. If you want a multipurpose shotgun get a Mossberg 500. Most of them come with two barrels so you can swap barrels for hunting and HD.
  18. WOW!! My buddy and I went this morning and shot a round. SO much fun and beautiful scenery. Shooting clays over a lake was quite an experience. And cruising around in a golf cart is always fun. If it wasn't such a drive I'd be there once a week. I shot 62/100 not great but for a novice trap shooter, I'm happy.
  19. Again you want me to read something else without linking to it. Are you sure this Dupe! thread isn't in the premier members sub-forums, because I searched the regular forum and cannot find another thread discussing Illinois Senate passing a CCW bill.
  20. Well that is just in poor taste. Helpfulness like this really makes the forum a better place.
  21. Where?? If you are going to call Dupe! on a thread at least link to the "original" thread.
  22. I don't think it has so much to do with where your raised, more what you make out of live. My dad was never a "handyman" I got a job pumping gas in high school and learned cars from the mechanic, I got a job working construction and learned the trades. I bought myself an old Harley and learned how to fix it.
  23. If you want a Waffen Werks just order one. I stand by the original thread that they are legal. Everything I've read about the Egyptian Maadi says they are pretty good quality. Egypt got all of the tooling from Russia to build AKs, so it is similar to a Russian AKM. I have read they have some tooling marks on them but shoot well.
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