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  1. Fun shooting games...and awesome BBQ? Sounds f-in amazing to me. I hope my friends aren't particularly frugal tomorrow.
  2. Because they make money selling it. Who ever does their purchasing probably didn't do any research to find out that the ammo sucks. So instead of eating the bill they are going to sell it to whomever will buy it.
  3. Thanks fellas. The reason I asked about the golf cart is because on the map the course looks pretty huge, I'm not an old man but I got a bum knee. Is the course not as big the picture makes it seem?
  4. Were you the guy who crashed his boat into my boat?
  5. johnp

    Is this NJ legal?

    With a little bit of work, I'd say yes. Obviously the 30rnder. is a no-go but..... 1) An ammunition magazine that attaches to the pistol outside of the pistol grip; One Evil feature 2) A threaded barrel capable of accepting a barrel extender, flash suppressor, forward handgrip, or silencer; Permanently attach a muzzle brake and you should be good. 3) A shroud that is attached to, or partially or completely encircles the barrel and that permits the shooter to hold the firearm with the non-trigger hand without being burned; Simply remove the handguard and no more "shroud". 4) Manufactured weight of 50 ounces or more when the pistol is unloaded "Weight (unloaded) – 2.98 lbs (48 oz)" should be G2G 5) A semi-automatic version of an automatic firearm Nope.
  6. Going to agree with Vlad here, the kids maturity level is more important then age. But IMO a mature 7 or 8 year old with proper supervision can handle a Cricket.
  7. With a rifle yeah....with a pistol not unless luck was on my side. You guys really want to feel bad about yourselves? I'll see your 30yd. target and raise you 200yds. more.
  8. I remember reading about this place on here awhile ago and it sounded awesome, in the past few months my friends and I have gotten into shooting trap. I told them about this place and they said lets do it. Few questions: Having never shot sporting clays before will we be completely lost? Or will we be okay as novice trap shooters, on the beginners sporting clay course? Does every group have have their own puller or is there a puller at every station? Or do you pull for people in your group? Should I call and make a reservation if we wanted to have a group of 3-4 on Saturday morning with a golf cart? Or does it not get that crazy busy? Is ammo included in the price of a round of 100? Any other insight into this place, tips, advice, etc. Thanks in advance.
  9. What's up with all these weird questions? Are you drunk? Was/Is your account hacked? What kind of car do I drive, why do I own guns, favorite brand of underwear? This is very weird...and I'm a weird mofo.
  10. Why wouldn't this one be "legal"? http://www.jgsales.com/uc-9-centurion-9mm-uzi-sub-machinegun-style-rifle-w-fixed-wood-stock.-by-cai-p-6345.html
  11. Last fall I used to get 1,000rds of 9mm for $200 shipped. [sgammo] 10 bricks(5,250 rds) of Federal .22 for $160 shipped. [dunns sporting goods] 1,000rds of .223/556 was $320 shipped. [Cabelas}
  12. I don't think anyone would agree that selling good/nice guns at a buy-back is an option ever.
  13. As far as surplus ammo you are correct, obviously. But back around January-February, when the ammo shelves were bare at Cabelas, guess what caliber was plentiful, yep .270
  14. And the weak link is gone early, should be an awesome season.
  15. I have read on the interwebs that a lot of people had duds and hangfires with Iranian surplus 8mm. No personal experience, just what I have read.
  16. I knew there was a reason I thought Greg was a tool but couldn't remember. And he just reminded me. Friendship bandana bracelet :rofl:
  17. I'm calling it now....Kelley will be the winner.
  18. You could change the stock if you wanted to. *Just to add, from my understanding of the law this rifle is legal to own....but even though it is not called an Uzi, it still looks very familiar to one. If you are worried about black helicopters coming for you because of two letters on an AK receiver, I'd be hesitant to take this one out to the range.
  19. Much like the AK thread, I would say this is also legal. It is not titled an Uzi, it passes the evil features game....legal.
  20. Why no love for the .270? http://gundata.org/cartridge/35/.270-winchester/
  21. Yeah for real. $500 is the exact price for all the needed tools, for that money I'd own some sweet tools and take pride in building something myself.
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