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  1. And burden of proof is upon the state to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the homeowner could have "safely" retreated at that particular time.
  2. The law is written in a way to *try* and address various scenarios as to how a person can justifiably use deadly force on his/her own property. So far, the argument seems to only address two able bodied persons: an intruder (possible threat) and a homeowner. Let's change the scenario slightly: What duty does an armed homeowner have to retreat if he/she has a mobility issue (sprained ankle, prosthetic, arthritis or even a cramp?) Or what duty does one have to retreat if there's a child in the room? Are you supposed to grab the child and tuck him/her like a football under your arm and run to the next room? Same law applies which repeatedly mentions the "actor" or "himself" and "others".
  3. Added Added Updated - thanks!
  4. Thanks for the updates. On Google Docs: --Added Cheyenne Firearms **(need phone information) --Added Lou G's Outdoors --Added Steel City Firearms **(need correct fees) --Struck Ray's Tactical
  5. Sorry for the delay in updates -- I've been inactive for a few months. Can anyone verify that Arms and Ammo has moved? Nikos
  6. If this law goes into effect, wouldn't that be an antitrust issue as the law essentially would grant a monopoly to Armatix?
  7. Whoever recently purchased from them, check your CC activity. Lots of people have had their CC hacked.
  8. Nothing to worry about... If you're facing a life threatening situation, just call 911 on your cell and wait for the cops to come like the rest of us.
  9. I don't think CTD did you much of a favor. When online retailers *offer* a product for sale, they can void the potential transaction if a pricing error is discovered before the sale is finalized. But in your case, the merchant processed the sale (accepted your payment and shipped out a partial order) which I believe makes it a binding agreement. Anyways, you got 25 free shells out of the deal but I wouldn't put CTD on a pedestal since the other option was for them to eat the round trip shipping costs which wouldn't be feasible. But then again, they could try and sell the shells for the 10x the market value as they're accustomed.
  10. I'm pretty sure that Monroe doesn't have a "no discharge" ordinance which could probably explain why the shooting range wasn't denied.
  11. Still in stock -- you can add a maximum of 4 (1 lb) jugs in the cart for $130.30 delivered to your door.
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