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  1. Two gun show this weekend 1/23- 1/24. Has anybody had recent experience with these two shows? Looks like Sellersville is in a small VFW -150 tables. Carlisle is twice as far, but 300 tables. I have not been to any shows since long before the panic. Not sure what to expect. Any insight would be appreciated.
  2. I hope you get it sorted. It is disappointing to have to wait that long for what seems like a simple job without a heads up. One of my very few bad gun shop experiences. Many many years ago I had an 1100 that died on me. I took it to a shop that I had great experiences with previously. It was taking forever. I didn't want to be pushy- the owner was always very good to me. The guy at the counter kept telling me, "sorry, not done yet." , "Gunsmith is only here on weekends, he must be baked up", "must be waiting on parts" etc, etc... Finally after a few months I went in pissed off and said I wanted it back and willing to pay for any diagnosis or work he did up until then. Guy at the counter went down the road of, well we won't have a bill until all the work was completed B.S. Finally he goes in the back and gets the gun and comes out laughing. Well, would you look at that it has been fixed the whole time. O - ring, no charge. That was about 1993. It was a lesson for me on many levels. No reason for any customer to not receive courteous service. But a jackass at the counter can kill a business without the owner even knowing.
  3. I saw Midway has CCI Large Rifle 7.62mm NATO-Spec Military Primers #34 Box of 1000 (10 Trays of 100) $53.99 ($0.05 per piece) Available
  4. Sold for $2,916.00. Buyer has two feedbacks, most of the bidding was by people with NR or low number feedbacks. Curious if it will be relisted or the new buyers are willing to pay that kind of money.
  5. I just heard Sarco has primers. A friend related he was limited to 1k per type, but they had them in stock. I just called over, (10:15am 12/23) they currently large magnum rifle and shotgun primers if that helps anyone.
  6. Ok, I have seen there stuff. I have not used it. Is there a current / local remanufactured ammunition company that is generally recommended? In the 80's early 90's I purchased from a commercial reloader. He was off of Route 22 near Branchburg or Bridgewater. He sold quality stuff in bulk at a big discount to factory ammo. Tom Mundy or something like that. He sold mostly to dealers, ranges and PD's. I would love to find if he is still out there or who took over for him.
  7. Why the bad blood with Freedom Munitions? - just asking
  8. I have been holding on to several boxes of primers. With this craziness, I am tempted take the ride up to the Allentown show tomorrow and unload some of them, see if I can sell or trade for something cool. Is that profiteering?
  9. So, I am looking at a box of $40 CCI large rifle primers 1000 ct, #200 on gunbroker. Current bid is $285 with fours days left on the auction. It is crazier than bitcoin.
  10. I met the owners at a barbeque on Sunday. They were very nice and very excited about the project. I will check it out when they open.
  11. You might be better off if he does not have insurance. Uninsured motorist fund. It is a part of your insurance bill you are required to pay for this type of situation, if he is uninsured. http://www.state.nj.us/dobi/ins_ombudsman/wysk3.htm Good luck
  12. Anybody pick up any 7.62 x 54r spam cans lately? Has it dried up at all? I am curious what a fair price is for the 440 round cans?
  13. I just got an email from AIM surplus, I do not have any experience with this BCG, but here it is; NICKEL BORON BOLT CARRIER GROUPS ONLY $79.95 DELIVERED!* *Special one time offer. While supplies last! ARES ARMOR marked Nickel Boron 5.56/.223/.300 BLACKOUT Bolt Carrier Groups. Machined to Military Specifications. This great BCG features a properly staked Gas Key, 8620 M16 Carrier and 9310 Bolt. All properly heat treated for superior strength. Bolt and Extractor are shot peened
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