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  1. I'm looking to sell some firearms. I'm not a premier member so can't post in the marketplace. Anyone know of a good site to post or, a retail store that offers a decent price on buying used handguns ?
  2. The new store in South Plainfield....
  3. I went to Dicks today. Went to "look" at a Marlin 60 that they have on sale. Well.....I walked out with it. No will power. My first rifle since I was a kid. It appears to be well made with a beautifully looking stock. Can't wait to take it to the range. One very surprising aspect - the NICS check took about 2 minutes. I guess the long waiting periods are over !
  4. Read this while having my morning coffee... http://news.yahoo.com/family-says-nj-overreacted-boys-gun-photo-225216728.html This really wakes you up !
  5. Exactly what are all the factors contributing to an ammo shortage. Obviously hoarding can account for a percentage, but - is that the whole story ? Are there other reasons adding to this nationwide shortage ?
  6. the umarex government colt 1911 is on my wish list. waiting for the current hysteria to die down then that's my next purchase.
  7. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/abc-blogs/newspaper-publishes-gun-owners-names-addresses-215214269--abc-news-topstories.html
  8. Today (Sunday) went to Dick's Sporting Goods in East Brunswick. I've been there before usually weekday mornings to purchase ammo and never had any problem. Always dealt with an older guy who I think is the department manager. Today I go there and want to look at a Marlin rifle. The salesman a young kid, asks me for my ID card and Driver's license. I show it to him and he goes to unchain the rifle. He turns around with it and I reach for it and he pulls it away and says my ID and license have to be left on the counter. I said no that's personal info and alot of shoppers are around the counter. He said you don't leave it on the counter you don't see the Marlin. I walked away and went to complain to the store manager. The store manager said the same thing I don't leave it on the counter then I don't see a firearm. I asked her for the Regional Manager's name and number and she said.... no. I said you're refusing to give me the Regional Manager's name and number, She replied.... that's right. I'm still having a hard time believeing this...
  9. hi tony357, i checked the extractor, it's clean and not damaged ...
  10. i have a problem with my sig mosquito. i purchased it last december and since have fired over 2000 rounds with no issues, until a few days ago. i am experiencing stovepipes and ftl's. usually at the beginning of the full 10 shot mag. i assumed it was the mag. i tested the mag loaded with 7 and the first 2 rounds are trouble. i tried it with 5 and the same problem. i only have the one magazine. also the same problem with different ammo. why would the first couple of rounds, regardless of the initial mag amount be problematic ? i'm really confused. any ideas appreciated !
  11. After firing about 20 rounds or so, the cylinder begins to lock up between every 5 or 12 rounds fired. Regardless if shooting single or double action. Sometimes it can be freed by gently rocking the cylinder back and forth - other times I have to open and reclose it. This morning at the range it was especially troublesome. Any ideas or fixes I can perform ?
  12. the article is so ridiculous it almost defys description. they are all upset that one gun resembles a firearm that was used in 1996 that killed 35 people and another gun resembles one that was used by the virginia tech gunman. by this same logic - everyone should be up in arms everytime they see a chevrolet on the street. do you know how many people chevrolet's have killed ! when i first read this article i was truly speechless ....
  13. BAD boy swimmers Nick D'Arcy and Kenrick Monk have sparked outrage after they posed with high-powered weapons in a US gun shop. http://www.heraldsun...6-1226388133190
  14. brought the ruger to the range this morning. very happy ! operated flawlessly, easy to shoot and very accurate. the only negative and it's not really a negative would be the long trigger pull. after a few rounds i was getting more used to it. i have two other handguns, a taurus and a sig....and i do like them both however, i think the ruger has quickly become my favorite. i highly recommend the p95.
  15. that's good to know. i was a little worried about the aluminum.
  16. i have some ammo on order from palmetto - 115gr both brass and aluminum. does the p95 like/dislike any type or brand ?
  17. not sure why the attachment didn't show...i'll try again
  18. alot of shooters say it's too bulky, thick, heavy and ugly. i think it's perfect ! haven't shot it yet - going to the range on tuesday - can't wait ....
  19. i have a sig mosquito purchased in february and i think it's fantastic. i have fired different ammo brands and have only had trouble with federal (about 10% FTE). i use cci/blazer exclusively now and have fired about 2000 rounds through it with absolutely no problems.
  20. my new handgun order has just been shipped!!! i can't wait - already cheched my tracking # twice....lol. it's a ruger p95.
  21. I applied for membership and I'm currently waiting to be called to qualify on the range. I'm looking forward to it ....
  22. Hi everyone, New to the forum. After not being involved with shooting sports for many years, I was itching to get back into it. Just recently acquired my firearms card and purchased a new handgun and I'm looking to join a shooting club that offers target and competition shooting. After searching around on the internet I'm glad I found this NJ forum site !!
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