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  1. blueskybob, Thanks. I did go to check out with 2 cans and my total with shipping was $30.85 (see below). I really didn't that was a great deal once they put the extra shipping fee in. Thanks again. Image Product # Description Price Extra Ship Charge Quantity Cost 1088100 Ammo Can, .50 Cal., OD Steel w/ Hinged Lid, 5-1/2" x 11" x 6-3/4", Very Good-Exc $13.35 $10.00 2 $26.70 Promotion Code: AMMO17 *Only one promotion code can be applied to your purchase.There is $10.00 in savings in your cart! Coupon Savings: - $13.35 Sub Total: $13.35 Additional Shipping Charges may be applied. Shipping:*Includes extra ship charge from above. $17.50 Sales Tax: $0.00 (0.000%) Redeem Gift Card(s): *Apply as many gift cards as you'd like. Once you click apply your card will be redeemed instantly and the order total will be updated below. Gift Card(s): -$0.00 Order Total: $30.85
  2. Just noticed that they have blems for $70.00 on a valentines day special. http://palmettostatearmory.com/blem-psa-bcg-auto-556-premium-with-psa-logo.html
  3. Not quite $69, but the best price I have seen on this in a while when you calculate the price of a charging handle in. Hopefully they will continue to slide in price. http://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-5-56-premium-full-auto-bolt-carrier-group-psa-ar15-m16-7075-t6-forged-mil-spec-charging-handle.html
  4. They seem to be getting reasonable again. Thanks for the post! I also saw these at Primary Arms.http://www.primaryarms.com/anderson-manufacturing-ar-15-stripped-lower-receiver-closed-ear-ar-15-a3-lwfor-um-closed I like the closed ear. The arch is not as big as some I have seen but for $39.99 they are a steal. I bought 4 of them when they were $49.99 and thought it was a good deal. I fit them together with Anderson uppers, and they are tight as can be! Oh, I forget to mention, the PSA lowers are out of stock as of 3:25PM 1/7/17
  5. Fatboy Tactical also has the closed trigger guard version for $44.95. I have purchased these from them before (at the same price) and they worked out well. http://fatboytactical.net/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=21 BTW...I have also purchased the standard trigger guard model from Steve. He is actually cheaper in the end.
  6. I purchased a larue PredatAR7.62, and the manual said the same old 1 shot clean...etc... but it also said that was there procedure because customers asked for a break in procedure. I also have a couple of Armalite 7.62s that had the old 1 shot clean etc. in the manual. I actually called Armalite for some help with a cycling issue and the guy actually asked me if I was breaking in the barrel the proper way. So they seem serious about it....I have no clue but have been told this is important on stainless barrels only. Again, I really don't know, and feel most of my guns will always outshoot me even if the barrels were not broken in properly.
  7. Thanks younggun for the info...I am glad that you scored!!
  8. Thanks for the report AlDente67. Glad to hear that you had a good experience.
  9. I have not purchased any from this guy, but it looks legit. $8 for a like new used can is not bad. If anyone has purchased from this guy please chime in. http://cnj.craigslist.org/spo/5377312281.html
  10. I purchased a Century arms AK from Steve @ Monmouth Arms. Steve is a great guy and fun to chat with. His prices are competitive as well. I purchased the Magpul version. It cost a couple of bucks more but I like the Magpul accessories. In the end, I would have customized it and it would have been a bit more if I purchased the standard version. Anyhow, Steve usually has them in stock and they are completely NJ legal. He also has the Magpul mags blocked to 15 rounds. I love the gun and it hasn't missed a single beat in several hundred rounds...Oh, and it is made in the USA!
  11. NJpilot...thanks for sharing!! I went on and looked at some ammo, then noticed that this offer is not good on ammo :-( Thanks again!
  12. And now on "Christmas Sale" for $99...LOL that is funny! http://palmettostatearmory.com/catalog/product/view/id/2321/
  13. I guess they marked them up so they could put them on the black Friday "sale"!! Out of stock now 11/29/15 7:50 pm
  14. Damn...Now the logo model that Frank Rizzo placed the link to is "on sale" for $99.99. I am glad that I got them when they were only $69.99!!
  15. Yes, Steve is on route 9...thanks kc17 for correcting me. For some reason, I always confuse the two. Anyhow, Steve didn't pay me to advertise for him...He actually schooled me. I purchased 4 Anderson lower receivers at Fatboy Tactical and had them shipped to Steve (Monmouth Arms) for transfer. Steve did the math for me while I was there. And, although my initial price was less, by the time I paid the transfer fee, I paid a couple bucks more each, and Steve had them in stock, no waiting. BTW, I have built 2 of the 4 that were transferred, and I have no complaints about their quality or fit and finish. In the past I have spent $200 for a stripped lower, trying to get the best available. Today, when I do a build, I tend to save the money that I have spent on the high dollar lower and put it into a nice trigger or an upgrade to the barrel...Just my opinion...
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