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  1. Like Trump paid his taxes?
  2. Thanks High Exposure, that is something definitely worth considering.
  3. Did any of you guys locktite the screws on your AIMPOINT PRO's? Is it necessary?
  4. 2.5mm = 0.1 inch
  5. They must have more of those AIM POINTS in stock! And here I thought I got the last one.
  6. Anyone planning on going to R-14 this Sunday August 6th?
  7. I just "pulled the trigger" on mine, I hope it comes soon! I assume it comes with a battery? I saw a review on it last night and the consensus is to zero it for 50 yards. Is that what you guys did. Screwball, I only really care what you guys think about this stuff, I don't trust anything on Youtube anymore ever since I got burned buying other stuff.
  8. Heavyopp, got a review of this contraption? Are you using it on an AR-15?
  9. I agree, I have been a civil engineer for over 20 years and in NJ you can't build anything without a comprehensive geotechnical report whether it's continuous footing, pier foundation or a septic system. Someone messed up. Jesus Christ at least look at the GIS soils maps!!!
  10. Zeke all property distances are horizontal. I think you need to have the current owner perform a real metes and Bounds survey to locate the property Corners with either monumentation or at least a number 5 or number 6 rebar with a cap on it. If your deed is that old it's probably going to have distances and chains and links that have to be converted into decimal feet. Just remember back then you were lucky to get within one or two degrees of accuracy with today's equipment even with the total station that I own I could get Within almost 0.01 degree. On a large property you can be off by many acres.
  11. Nice truck, I am looking forward to a future review. I am also seriously considering buying the same truck within the next few months. Which engine do you have the 6 cylinder or the 4-cylinder?
  12. Do you have a meets and bounds survey of the parcel? Perhaps it spans two lots within the same block? Do you have a copy of the deed description?
  13. I just bought 2 mags for my H&K from a private seller on a Facebook HK group. https://m.facebook.com/groups/217099135409736#!/groups/217099135409736?view=info&refid=18
  14. Does Turkey make bullets?
  15. I just thought Putin would send over a few million rounds as a thank you gift.