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  1. $399.. Bought a G19 gen 4 last year, about $450 out the door
  2. I carry .45acp.. Been carrying speer gold dots 230gr but recently started a switch to federal hst +p 230gr
  3. Middlesex County DOC, glock 17 with streamlight tlr1. Guys in the Middlesex County SORT team, glock 21
  4. anabolism

    Glock or M&P

    Another vote for glock. Have shot both and while the M&P is a good gun, i trust my safety on and off duty to glock. No matter what you go with, you owe it to yourself to train with it as much as possible
  5. Its a great gun. Shot over 1000+ rounds without any malfunctions. Have shot everything from reloads to +P with no issues. I highly recomend it
  6. Id say its true.. My gen 4 G21 without added backstraps feels just like my gen 3 G21sf
  7. I carry a spare mag not bc i think ill need more than the 13+1 rounds of .45acp in my off duty weapon, but in case i have a malfunction to where ill need the spare mag. To each his own
  8. I use my support hand for reloading but keep mag just to the left of my belt buckle. Gun at 3:00, spare mag at 11:00
  9. Are the coupon prices the same as the blue label pricing LEO's get?
  10. Is this sale pretty much blue pricing for non LEOs?
  11. Just got my 2014 card. Im a life member, was offered endowment life member for $250. Will think about it
  12. I took the bernstein prep course. $500 investment was worth it for a career. Got offered for LE positions after taking it my first time. Study hard
  13. I carry a bodyguard380 or s&w j frame 38 in a desantis nemesis pocket holster. If im wearing shorts without pockets, either gun in a remora holster does the job
  14. My dept lets us qualify with .380, 9mm, .40s&w, and .45acp. Most guys in my dept off duty carry a sub compact size glock IE g26, g27. Recently, the springfield xds 45 has gotten popular, but with the recall most guys sent theirs back and didnt have it in time for qualifying. Personally, i carry a g30s and with jacket season coming, my g21 will see more carrying time
  15. Email. Sales associate said he emailed them directly and just had to wait for a reply saying i was good
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