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  1. Just ordered a case. 22 left. Thanks for sharing! Now I just need some more .45 and I'll be set for a while.
  2. I'm also in for a few bucks or boxes.
  3. iPhone 4/4S have had the lowest return or exchange rates and I personally think are easier to use for first-time smartphone people. It's only 3G technology, but you mentioned it wasn't a deal breaker. Having sold these things for quite a few years now, I think you should go with the iPhone, even though I swear by Android. Currently using the LG Spectrum, came from Thunderbolt, Droid 2, and original Droid. Go to a store, play with some phones, then make a decision. Don't get suckered by a sales rep, lol. If you need any advice on your phone/account/bill, PM me.
  4. Hilarious. Quite the arsenal. And they were let go after a 2 hour police stop with no charges filed. http://www.northescambia.com/2012/04/traffic-stop-uncovers-arsenal-of-weapons-and-cash-men-headed-to-escambia-school
  5. I always wanted to get into law enforcement. Too bad the competition is crazy.
  6. As a road warrior where my territory extends from Union, through Irvington, Harrison, Jersey City, and all of Newark, I think about the "what if" scenario every single day. The second I park my car in an unfamiliar or high-crime rate area, I'm always thinking. I'm always aware of my surroundings and try to stay within high-traffic areas, but something is eventually going to happen... And then what, pepper spray? Where's my NJ CCW?
  7. I can't imagine a criminal liability for breaking a rental agreement. Obviously the worst case scenario would be an eviction notice. Aside from the management company entering your apartment and searching the place, how would they know you had firearms?
  8. Out of curiosity, what did you end up buying (that you can't even have)?
  9. Is there a time limit on making a claim for comprehensive damage? I had some a-hole back into my driver-side door one night and drive off. It left a pretty nasty dent in my door. Aside from being cosmetically ugly, there is no loss of function of the door. This was well over a year ago. Any thoughts?
  10. North Brunswick Initial FID + 3 Permits 2 Months total time. Submitted application 1/18, References received letters 1/21, Fingerprints 1/27. Followup with PD 2/21 and was told 1 reference letter didn't come back. Letter resent and confirmed delivered at PD 3/2. Letter in my mailbox 3/17 saying they were ready. Picked up today 3/19. I'd be willing to bet the whole process is less than 30 days next time.
  11. Yes! Permits have arrived!

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