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  1. I shot my M&P 15-22 for the first time today, 500 rounds and not hiccup. Its a pleasure to shoot and was dead accurate right out of the box. Really a ton of fun! Highly recommend it!
  2. Went out of his way to meet me, very easy to deal with and legit. Thanks again
  3. Juddster

    Glock 27

    I agree with him, if you want to stick to one caliber then hold out for a 23, its truly more enjoyable to shoot then a 27.
  4. Interesting article, I dont think you got hurt there at all!
  5. Glock 21 gen 4 I have one and it shoots soft and very well, if you like the Glock platform its an excellent choice!
  6. I have a new 22 as well, it shoots great! Congrats enjoy it!
  7. Springfield 1911 TRP Tactical. Stainless no rail. Excellent gun for the money.
  8. I agree, I am buying as much as possible based on what seems to be some big restrictions for online buying coming soon. I dont think it will be easy to get anytime soon.
  9. As advertised, a very easy transaction and a nice guy!
  10. I got in pre as well, it's a cool site!
  11. Very nice!! For those prices I hope you reload!
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