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  1. Lou's in Raritan has a great selection.
  2. Adam

    Range/HD Shotgun

    Could always use Dragons Breath rounds....
  3. Hahaha this made me laugh out loud... He takes some getting use to but Marshall is very good for information. And, I of course recommend Lou's as well. Either of the guy's are great. Excellent neighborhood shop to stop in and shoot the shit.
  4. Really? Just go through the damn drive through...
  5. Had to throw my comment in there.. lol
  6. Hes not exagerating, i have a few pics but cant post from my phone
  7. I drove right through it not knowing wtf was going on lol.. there was just cops running everywhere. Told me to stop, then go, then stop then go.gogogo
  8. HEAVY, not jeavy... damn fingers.
  9. Ongoing, drove through the start of it on the way home.. area on lockdown now.. but of course idiots on the streets.. JEAVY police presence. On scene RUMOR is former NYPD officer involved.
  10. I never ran a radar detector and really never had an issue speeding. And if my car didn't stand out I dunno what does.. Most times I've gotten pulled over, the officer/trooper would ask about the car and why it looked the way it did and let me off with a warning. I was stopped in SC coming back from Florida by a trooper at roughly 2am going WELL over 100MPH. He asked if it was a race car and my reply of "yes" got him asking questions. I eventually ended up showing him videos of the hill climbs I did and he called over his backup and we watched 3-4 videos before he let me go with a warning.
  11. I want an old school wall hanging clock like that. Not to sure if the wife would go for it though lol
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