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  1. I wouldn't buy it. Is it fancy - yes. Is it better than regular HP (like Federal or Gold Dot) or Hornady FTX - I doubt.
  2. Looks very nice. Good job!
  3. Problem is that very often it's resellers who buy all the ammo. Recently TSUSA had a lot of boxes 5.56 x 1000 "Target Sports USA by Lake City" @ $649 with free shipping. Within 30 minutes it was all gone. Hundreds of boxes. Guess what - a few days later on gunbroker same ammo was listed and selling for around $800 (via bidding). People making money even if it looks like small profit
  4. Welcome!!! There are a lot of good people here
  5. 100% agree. This is my go to place for anything ammo related. Quick shipping, free shipping on bulk ammo, good prices and selection.
  6. Not a suggestion but more of a question. Isn't Hornady Critical Defense, 2 3/4”, 12 GA 00 too powerful for home defense? Indoors 8 pellets at 1600fps will go thru target and probably multiple walls. I've shot this ammo and it kicks pretty hard.
  7. SOLD pending funds/permit to always_an_eagle
  8. Hello and welcome. Yes, there are a lot of knowledgeable people here (unfortunately I'm not one of them )
  9. Great, thanks a lot to everybody. I guess I need to find that "AR15 for Dummies" book and spend some time with it.
  10. Well, according to LWRC website this device is muzzle brake and not flash hider. Right? https://www.lwrci.com/Ultra-Brake-4-Port-Muzzle-Brake_p_55.html The only concern here is I found front view picture and it has small opening like most flash hiders. Correct me if I'm wrong but rule of thumb (or finger in this case) is that if pinky doesn't fit it's not muzzle brake but a flash hider. So is it NJ legal or not? Or even NJSP is not going to know for sure? Thank you.
  11. +1. I like it. It's working. I'm using it (sometimes). It did help me (a little). It's worth money in my opinion. I don't feel that I wasted money because it helped me to move from "crappy" shooter to "average".
  12. Pure alchemy and magic. Poof - and suddenly boolits appear from ashes...........
  13. I have a bad feeling about this topic - or lost topic. I asked simple question about legality of private sale of ammo and later jokingly talked about pricing. Suddenly it's becoming a little too political/ethical/heated for no reason. We all mean good, so please, please... let's not go there.
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