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  1. Vista Outdoors (VSTO) I've built a position starting with 25 shares @$11 June 2020 to current avg cost of $23 for total of 140 shares. Currently 66% return. I've also owned s&w and Olin and 1 share of ruger. Vista is by far the most profitable. Have another order in for 100 shares @ $34, waiting for cyclical drop. Originally started investing Jan 2020 with 26K from VA comp retro award. Currently at +4K%. 2020 was a VERY good year for me.
  2. I think the Harris Cabal will conduct a classic false flag operation to GUARANTEE that "a tragedy" does occur and use that to launch their endgame
  3. What will happen? A 2A Armageddon. Harris is the one calling the shots anyway so she will pursue here historically established gun grab with a vengeance
  4. The range staff are federal employees so have likely been furloughed until the rest of the federal government reopens
  5. I just attempted to submit my complaint and got this: HTTP Status 500 – Internal Server Error Type Exception Report Description The server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request. Exception java.lang.NullPointerException Note The full stack trace of the root cause is available in the server logs He can't get a complaint if he disables the means to submit it.
  6. The only divine justice we can hope for out of this is if Murphy contracts it, passes it on to the Dumbocrats, and they all croak.
  7. In my position at the VA, I deal with a lot of cops and PTSD comes up all the time. It was such an issue I contacted the NJSP Peer Counselor program lead to get advice on what to tell officers when they were considering filing a claim for PTSD. NJSP and most departments have programs to deal with officers who have PTSD from their LE jobs, and most don't lose their guns except in the most extreme cases.
  8. Bullcrap. PTSD is specifically not considered a reason to deny a carry permit, let alone an FID. I work at the VA in NJ. I have several briefs and articles on cases where this exact issue went to court and the citizen won. When I get to work I'll post
  9. The 4 inch length limit is a myth. The only mention of length limit in 2C is you can't sell a knife over 10 in to any one under 18. It's the explainable part that matters
  10. I live in Hamilton and need work done on my mark III hi power, specifically having a dovetail cut for XS front sight. Depending on the fee I'd consider having both sights installed and a trigger job as well. I've been to the 2 gun shop near me with Smith's n they wouldn't touch it. Any recommendations?
  11. Did you ever pick a blade? I can can pretty much get you anything you want below retail Paul 6098803296
  12. Cold Steel makes great hawks.I have 5 or 6 versions. I like the SOG double axe. as well. Really depends on what you intend to use it for. If you have a combatives martials arts background then Winkler, Ernest Emerson and are high end made for offensive use. I have a Camilus SIN that is short and has a wicked grind to it that makes it both lethal and a very effective control device. I sell blades on the side so I can get you anything you want way below retail.
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