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  1. Where is this place? I'm a member up at Dover Furnace in NY and Thunder Mountain could use an overhaul.
  2. Hey guys, very basic question. What is a good shotgun for home defense/skeet/trap/hunting? Ive heard good things regarding the Rem 870. Thoughts?
  3. Remember guys, Christie is still a politician...all he cares about in the end is getting re-elected. Write EVERYONE and put up as big of a stink as possible and LET IT BE KNOWN, that if they approve any regulations they lose your vote...PERIOD. If your going to lose your rights, they are going to lose their job!
  4. I've got a P226 Scorpion waiting for me, just waiting on my stupid PP.
  5. Not saying I'm accepting it, I think the whole thing is horseshit and any elected official who votes for it we should damn well make sure you don't vote for them ever again.
  6. Hey guys, I posted this in a few other spots, but it looks like in a worst case scenario we get a grandfathering clause... http://www.feinstein.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/2012/12/feinstein-to-introduce-updated-assault-weapons-bill-in-new-congress
  7. From what I have read it looks like there is a grandfathering clause so i dont think it would be a bad idea to snatch up a lower or two at least.
  8. Based on a press release it looks like there is a grandfathering clause. So at the very least we are getting lucky there.
  9. Quick update. Used a dremel tool to grind it off, only nicked the barrel once and really small. Bought a YHM two piece gas block which should be coming any day. Decided to place my order while I was watching the election the other night. lol
  10. YHM already emailed me and said it won't fit. So looks like a little dremel surgery is in order once I he the barrel back.
  11. Thanks I saw that one last night. I emailed YHM to see if they thought the barrel nut would fit over it. I planned on getting their lightweight hand guard anyway so I would just add that to my purchase if necessary.
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