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  1. Friday at johns in Millville; two tries to get a ring of the line, then instant approval -long gun.
  2. MUCH nicer after a few coats. I brought them inside and in my makeshift "drying room". Pics to follow once I'm done
  3. Coat number 1 of 2:1 amber shellac and iodine. A little more orange than I wanted but its only the first coat!
  4. Hahaha. Who needs upgrades, right? Its luke leaving in the Lucas electric and points ignition. It's mighty authentic on the side of the road. Lol
  5. Will do; thanks. I also snatched up a C-More sight from craigslist. I'm going to throw that on and see how I like it
  6. oh and for accuracy, it seemed a to shoot a bit low at 50yds but once I found the point of impact I was banging away and happy as a clam
  7. I just planned on trying my hand at sanding and staining the wood furniture you provided, but thanks for the heads-up I have one other question I'll PM you - thanks! Wally
  8. A lot! I like to clean the gun and then look for the "shiny spots" showing where parts are touching, and I also examine and feel things that slide like the rails and the grooves in the bolt. The rails in the receiver were awful; tooling marks were like a cheese grater. I stoned them and then slicked them with some 1000grit paper. I slicked the top of the hammer (yes an awful spot to cross when cycling the bolt with your hand). I also found a couple areas where there was a little dent that rolled a tiny piece of metal creating a lip. Those areas were certainly reducing sliding clearance and making it hang up, so I broke them off with a stone and then slicked em up with the paper too. The bolt and carrier itself had several spots that were rough, as well as a couple more "smooshed" spots making those lips that I described before. The front of the carrier up just back from where the piston attaches was terribly pitted and had grooves and nicks in it. The carrier and bolt got treated to a slick up of the grooves where the receiver rails slide - I take and double up 1000grit around a zip tie for the shape and something to hold, and then run it through until shiny/slick. The bottom of the bolt where it rides over the hammer was grainy and tool marked badly, and the "ramps" on it were also friction points that needed a lot of sanding. You can feel the difference if you do this incrementally and feel the bolt sliding over as you work on it - as you get one side of the ramp slicked it really screams how badly the other ramp is, and you can feel where a hold-open would happen if it did. So you smooth that side out too and then she's good in both directions. The backbone of the hammer that has the bolt slide over and push it down to reset it was very rough. The metal is pocked and it was a huge source of friction. It got slicked up and was a huge help. The last spot that I found a problem was in the dust cover. It had a flat spot with a lip and seemed to be touching the bolt as it went past. I got that squared away too. I haven't shot it to see if I'm done, but just hand cycling makes you all giddy when you compare how it was before you started. I hope this helps some Wally
  9. she shot well. The action is a bit rough, so I spent some time this morning with a stone and some 1000grit paper. Ahh, much better now... cycle with a pinky finger. A hair stiff when it pushes down the hammer, but feels normal and worlds better. We'll see how she is when hot - that's when it was particularly rough yesterday. Speaking of hot... the forend is hot (as expected). My buddy suggested the true Russian wood up there, citing it's thicker. I'd like to keep the wood theme going, so I'm thinking I'll go for it - any thoughts or suggestions on that? Thanks in advance, Wally
  10. If going to go that far, I'll keep going to Cumberland as my buddy's guest, The 600yd rifle range is impressive.
  11. digging up an oldy/moldy... I'm not far from them and was wondering if they allow plinking ground targets outside? I'm more of a tin-can shooter than a bullseye one. I've been going to Ft Dix, but it's far and their hours are limited. Plus it would be nice to shoot inside if it's bad weather, or grab my daughter and canoe and hit their pond, etc. Thanks in advance. Wally
  12. I got the WASR 10/63 yesterday; thanks, Mo. I spent two hours cleaning her and then reassembled her with the original furniture. After some crimping, I got the gas tube to stop wobbling like hell, lol. The trigger is just better than any AK variant that I've shot; I am very impressed. Once I make some decisions from the extra furniture that came with it, I'll have some parts to sell off. The first to go for sure though is that Russian hammer/sickle buttstock flag... sorry Mo but my old man would smack me if I didn't take it off, lol. I am trying to get a few things done this morning so I can go shoot her this afternoon :excited! Thanks for all of the input, and I'm glad to have met Mo and take his baby, lol. Wally
  13. My buddy came up from Buena and we left Cherry Hill... we got to exit 7 on the TPK and then got a call Miscommunication, can't meet in Woodbridge today :jaw drops. So, next week on the WASR!
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