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  1. Did the modified M3 AK mags ever come out ? Didn't see them on your website.
  2. Any chance on making any AK74 magazines ?
  3. This online retailer not only claimed to have spoken to the NJSP, but they gave me the officer's name and rank that they apparently spoke to. Perhaps the NJSP is giving out bad info. And the retailer also offered to send my email to that NJSP officer so he could inform me personally how a FID card is needed for all ammo.
  4. I'm pretty certain an FID card is only needed for pistol ammo correct? It seems many online places are also asking me for an FID card when I just want to buy some shotgun shells. I tried explaining it to one company and they insisted that they spoke to the NJSP and were told that FID cards are needed for all ammo sales. WTH ?
  5. I a m4 type AR and a full length AR both with 1/7 twist barrels. At my range I am either shooting at 50 or 100 yards.
  6. I need to get some more ammo for my AR15 for range use and was debating between some 62 grain Federal XM855 or some Federal American Eagle 55 grain. Both are about the same price. I've shot both in the past and never noticed any difference between the two. What does everyone else use?
  7. So has anyone ever had any luck in getting a 15 round AK74 magazine?
  8. Those 15 rounds mags they are selling look more like AR15 magazines.. Or is it just me ?
  9. But if that would still be illegal then how are all of our AR15/AK47/M14 variants legal??
  10. Are there any FFL's that would accept delivery of a non compliant AK74 that would then make it legal? And would any of the places you mentioned even ship it to NJ anyway? That might be the tricky part...
  11. Are they any good options for a NJ legal AK74? I know I could find an old Century SAR-2 rifle but I wanted to see if there was anything else out there. Or perhaps there are some out there with bayo lugs, and threaded barrels that could be bought online and sent to a NJ FLL who also does gunsmith work to make them NJ legal ?
  12. I was also going to get my first revolver when my next pistol permit comes in (2 months and counting). I was also looking at the Smith Wesson 686 Plus but wasn't sure if I should get the 4 or 6 inch barrel. I was leaning more towards the 4....
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