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  1. Wickard v. Filburn (1942) Anything that affects interstate commerce can be regulated under the interstate commerce clause. Intra-state and private endeavors (the case in question was a wheat farmer growing more than his quota of wheat for purely personal consumption), affects interstate commerce because anyone participating in those markets is not participating in the interstate market that they otherwise would be.
  2. Took my M&P 9, M&P 22, 10/22, and shotgun when I went with my brother on Saturday. Of course i forgot the magazines for the 22 and 10/22 .
  3. I was considering finishing off my AR with a Stag upper, but maybe not now... Back to doing more research I guess.
  4. NJ law says otherwise though. Perhaps he'll get lucky and successfully argue that he didn't "know" the owner, but most likely the package (if he opened it) had paperwork that said who the owner and/or intended recipient was.
  5. Thanks everyone. I don't have a revolver but I don't have anything better to do on a Sunday morning anyway. Will probably head up for it.
  6. I saw on the CJRPC calendar that there's a "Special Steel Match" this Sunday? Is this different from the members only or regular matches?
  7. Is the Constitution not required reading in law school? Or at least the Bill of Rights in a basic civics class for undergrads and high school?
  8. Will be there. First USPSA match in about 2 years, should be fun.
  9. vjf -- Not interested in the V8 because of price. A GT similarly optioned will be almost $42k, which is more than I'm willing to pay. The $32k ecoboost premium is about at the top end of what I want to pay for a car, so unless you're willing to hand me 10k so I can buy a real mustang it's not going to happen. That said, while the ecoboost is "only" is 2.3L 4 banger it's no slouch either, with 310HP and 320lb-ft of torque it has more power and the same amount of torque as the 2010 and older 4.6L GTs.
  10. glennp -- Thanks, I'll definitely keep that in mind. So far the money for my down payment has been sitting in a savings account getting a whole .75%. Since I have to order it anyway I have another 6-8 weeks to decide exactly how much to put down. 1lt -- Not looking to race, especially no drag racing. Drag doesn't interest me whatsoever. Perhaps autocross or a track day but more than likely it will be limited to some spirited driving on back roads in addition to its DD duties. The sole reason for any mods would be aesthetics. I've seen some nice looking intakes that replace the factory airbox and filter with something a lot more open as well as a few exhaust which delete the resonator and use much less restrictive mufflers. Ford Racing and Magnaflow both have systems that give it a nice angry tone, though again this would be 1-2 years out if it ever gets done. bobz/302w -- I've ready about QC issues with these and would definitely go over the car with a fine toothed comb before I sign anything. Fortunately it seems that there have been less complaints recently, so hopefully that was mostly limited to the beginning of production. I'm looking at an Ecoboost Premium, price is going to be right around that same $32k. I would rather have the upgraded interior, heated/cooled seats, BLIS, and the rest of the fancy tech that the premiums come with and have available instead of having a stripped v8. Sure the V8 would sound better and go even better, but it's not worth dropping all the options IMO. As for color I'm debating between Guard (dark green/grey) and Ruby Red. I don't think the ruby red is going to be too attention-grabbing, at least not nearly as much as the "pull me over" red, yellow, and orange. I looked at X Plan, I should qualify for it though I got a better offer online from truecar than the x plan calculators I've found. Closest dealer and the one I've test drove from is Winner in Cherry Hill, but I have an offer through truecar for a dealer in Chester PA for ~$900 less. Hopefully Winner will match that, will bring everything up when I'm, ready to place the order.
  11. Sure can, though as of right now I don't intend to tune. At most I would look at a CAI and a more open cat-back to get a better sound out of it, but even that would be a year or two away probably.
  12. Fortunately I turned 25 not that long ago and that makes me magically a lower risk... I've priced insurance for both Ecoboost and GTs, and the prices weren't actually all that different. I'm expecting 600-800/six months and have multiple quotes from various companies in this range.
  13. It's not just the looks, though the 2015 is one sexy beast. The 15 added a number of features that weren't available in previous models, particularly some safety features such as blind spot monitoring, and front collision warning/mitigation. Also the interior and ride quality simply doesn't compare with the older mustangs, my friend has a '12 and the '15s are far superior (sorry if you're reading this, but it's true...). Finally giving the mustang 21st century suspension instead of bolting an ox cart under the back really has helped it out. This will be my only car, though I don't really need to drive anywhere in the winter as I work from home. Also from everything I've read about the '15s the traction control and snow driving modes make the car far more manageable in snow and ice than previous models, especially if you keep the rpms low so the turbo doesn't kick in. I planned on putting 6-8k down, and my trade isn't worth anything being a '99 Saturn with 174k that is falling apart and starting to give me some troubling mechanical symptoms. I might look at doing less, though the lower monthly payment is somewhat appealing since it gives me more flexibility for future payments. Not putting anything down adds ~$100/month to the payments, something to consider. Possibly also a shorter loan, a 4 year would give me 1.9% instead.
  14. I am seriously considering buying a 2015 Mustang Ecoboost in the next week or two. I went and test drove one today, although it was an auto, and felt very comfortable in the car aside from the salesman yammering about what he needs to do to get me to take one off the lot. I know exactly what options I do and do not want and have no intention of negotiating off a monthly payment, just the outright price for the vehicle and the payments will be what they will be for a 5 year loan. Unfortunately I will have to order it, since options for a manual are very limited and in stock cars are generally base V6s which don't have the options I want or loaded GTs, which I can't afford. I have good credit, so I should qualify for the 2.9% financing through Ford. This will also be my first time buying a new car and my first time negotiating myself. Does anyone have any experience with 2015 mustangs and is there anything I should be aware of from the dealership?
  15. I would say more than likely not. If it's a shotgun you need an 18" barrel or it's a sawed-off shotgun (2C:39-1o). If it's not a shotgun it's a destructive device (2C:39-1c(3)) since it can fire projectiles greater than .60 caliber (12ga is ~.73).
  16. Phone lines = analog. Then again this is the government so who knows what they really mean.
  17. Krdshrk, that was my experience with them up until ~6 months ago. I don't deal with end users anymore though. As far as building the machine, it's actually pretty easy. Once you select your parts assembly is essentially big expensive and somewhat fragile legos. All the various parts will only fit in the slot they're supposed to go in and if you have to use more than a little bit of force you're doing it wrong. How to properly apply thermal paste is almost as bad as debating religion so I won't go there, same for OSes. After that just install your OS, drivers, and software that you need. I built my current desktop in about 45 minutes, cable management could use some touchup but I don't see it anyway and temps are fine.
  18. Cheaper and worse quality parts, especially PSUs. Limited expansion ports, many OEMs have 1 or two PCIE and maybe 1 PCI, often they don't have any PCIEx16. Often worse driver support, particularly for on-mobo devices. For high end computers the cases often lack appropriate cooling. If you are planning on using the computer for any length of time I would also recommend not using the drivers that Windows downloads automatically. They are often generic drivers for that type of device and will not always support all features of the device. They can also cause stability problems with certain devices. If an OEM machine download drivers from the OEM's site, if retail product go to the manufacturer's site for drivers.
  19. Yes, there are programs to make 8 look exactly like 7, but I honestly haven't seen the need for it. Boot to Desktop and Win + S to find anything that isn't on my desktop. Also the Win + X menu is handy and there is an option to swap the command prompt for powershell. Most motherboards will now support 2 monitors on the integrated video, not for gaming obviously, but fine for office/internet.
  20. I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one. A 256GB SSD backed up by mechanical storage is more than enough for a typical home computer. Yes, some programs will write to the boot directory without your permission and give no options to change it (and if I ever find a developer that writes a program like this I will punch him in the face for being a lazy idiot), the amount of data in question is usually very small. It will vary depending on exact use, but the stuff that needs to be on the SSD will usually come in at <100GB for most people, so a 256GB drive is more than enough. If you're gaming or have other special uses with large programs that read data often you will need more. The absolute smallest I would use as a boot drive would be 128GB, my current work computer is a 120GB SDD and 500GB mechanical, and I need to be careful about what goes on the SSD. Also, unless you have personally used Windows 8.1 and disliked it, ignore the people saying it sucks. Find some way to use it, use it for a few weeks at least, and form your own opinion. Yes, it is very different than XP/Vista/7, but it also has quite a few new features that work very well. I currently use both 7 and 8.1, and I prefer 8.1. The things that it made easier far outweigh the few tasks that it made more difficult for me.
  21. Went to school in Wilkes-Barre for two years, there's some pretty shady areas there too. One night I decided to walk to my car on the other side of the river because the college's shuttle had already stopped for the day. It wasn't too late, 9-10pm at the latest and only around 1 mile walk, I was strongly advised by both campus police and the cadre from ROTC detachment to never do that again.
  22. If you truly are a known terrorist there should be a conviction or pending criminal charges.
  23. Now that I've started shooting again I'm considering getting into reloading to keep costs down. I would start with pistol, 9mm at first and expanding to other calibers as I acquire them. I may like to load rifle cartridges eventually, but not at the start. My concern right now is that pistol powder seems to be made of unobtanium. Is now a good time to start or should I wait until powder is more available?
  24. I need to buy me (or make...) one of these when I escape NJ.
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