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  1. Plumsted Arms has launched a new web site which hopefully is more user friendly and is easier to navigate. https://www.plumstedarms.com
  2. And the New Hampshire Supreme Court has set a precedent in a case where an individual was prosecuted for having a loaded magazine "near" a firearm which was unloaded. The court ruled: Webster’s defined loaded as: “containing an explosive charge.” The New Hampshire Supreme Court added that “loaded” is the past participle of the word “load,” which is obviously a verb. The definition for the word “load?” “To put a load on or in a carrier, device, machine, or container. Specifically, to insert the charge or cartridge in the chamber of a firearm.” The justices also noted in their ruling that words and phrases are not read in isolation, but in context with the entire statutory intention. The justices refused to expand the definition of the word “loaded” to the broad nature that the prosecuting attorney and lower court wanted. “Under the State’s reading,” the justices ruled, “a person of ordinary intelligence would have to guess at how ‘near’ a pistol or revolver must be to a loaded magazine or clip to constitute a violation of [the law]. In contrast, interpreting a ‘loaded pistol or revolver’ as a pistol or revolver containing a cartridge in any position from which it can be fired eliminates the uncertainty: a pistol or revolver either contains a cartridge in such a position or it does not.” All that being considered here is the only truly and brutally honest post in this thread, and my last one for sure. NOBODY cares how Kman transports his magazines, with or without ammunition. This is at least 30 minutes of my life today that I will never get back. You see why I have not been around much PK90. What a waste of time.
  3. I don't understand your entire position anymore. You asked a question, one that has been asked on these forums many times, and you were given the best answer anyone could possibly provide without being speculative. But it seems that you aren't really looking for an answer because if you won't accept the written guidance from the state firearms unit who exactly will you accept guidance from. If the purpose of your post is to point out that me and people like me that load their magazines and transport them are in grave danger of prosecution and you are trying to protect me from that prosecution I say thanks, but no thanks. You see everything you postulate regarding the laws and how law enforcement will interpret them is based on nothing, just paranoia, although I guess paranoia is something. For me my behavior when it comes to adhering to the laws regarding firearms in general comes from knowledge and actual face to face communications with the very law enforcement people that are the subject of your paranoia. I have had the opportunity to sit with these folks many times as a condition of my license, and also along with them in working groups to try to help clarify the policies and laws in this state. And contrary to your speculative unwarranted judgment of these people, they are actually very knowledgeable, helpful, supportive and in some cases good private customers of mine. Since there really doesn't seem to be any purpose to your post other than to vent your unwarranted bitch slapping of law enforcement I say just transport your magazines unloaded and let's drop this post altogether. You do what you need to do to feel comfortable, I will continue to do what I do as everyone on these forums should do. By the way, you do know that police need probable cause to search your vehicle and if you are stopped for a routine traffic violation you are not required to disclose that you are lawfully carrying firearms. That being said if you have given a police officer probable cause that will stand up in court for searching your vehicle you probably shouldn't have been carrying the firearms at that time in the first place. That is strictly my opinion, I don't have another written document to back that up. I could ask my contacts at the state police what constitutes probable cause to search your vehicle but even if they put that in writing for me you probably wouldn't believe it either so why waste my time.
  4. Hey PK90, what's up. Where have I been hide'n? Away from this craziness. Just doing business, supporting gun owners, shooting matches and enjoying myself. Life is too short to debate the same old thing to death. There are so many lawyers and experts here nobody needs the factual opinion of a small part time dealer like me. Just servicing my customers and enjoying life.
  5. If your interested in what the firearms unit has to say read the Email they sent me back in 2017.
  6. Please don't make me repeat this over and over again. Any good attorney will tell you posting your case to the internet is a bad thing to do. If your processing CC with them you don't have my problem. If you have another "Premium" business relationship with them then you will have my problem once they find out your selling firearms. American Express is a bunch of companies neither of which knows what the other is doing. I still get all kinds of offers from their merchant services trying to get me to accept their card while a war wages on with their Premium Business Services. If your just processing AMEX cards they will gladly take their fees, that's what hypocrites do. If your one of the unlucky ones who got wined and dined into their Premium Business Services you may be looking for a lawyer some day also.
  7. If your experiences have been positive with AMEX that's a good thing. The intent of this thread was to find out if any attorneys that support this forum would be interested in a consultation. I need a lawyer and this was just one place where I though I might find somebody interested. If that wasn't an appropriate inquiry then please shut down the thread. Otherwise, any attorneys interested in a consultation?
  8. Long and lengthy story and I really don't want to try this case on the internet. They are anti-gun and will go to any lengths to shut down gun dealer's once they find out what you are selling, then they turn their sights on you personally. Another institution that thinks they are running things in this country and can do whatever they want. Looking for a cutthroat lawyer that will show them they can't violate the civil and constitutional rights of law abiding citizens and business owners. I figure if there are lawyer's willing to sue McDonalds for marketing happy meals there must be some willing to go after the real problems.
  9. Are there are any pro 2A lawyers interested in potentially taking on American Express for a host of constitutional and civil rights violations 2A related? PM if interested in discussing.
  10. I think everyone has missed the point in this law. The law applies to “licensed retail dealers” not FFL’s. In this state having an FFL does not mean you can deal in firearms. You must apply for a retail firearms license from the state. In fact the ATF wont even process your FFL until they get word from the state that you have applied for a retail license. The state wont issue a retail license to 03’s. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  11. As strange as it may sound, there are many. I live in one and know several chief's of other towns that agree. Look at what is starting to happen in CA, the local townships and counties have had enough of the ultra liberal know it all BS. Most likely if you live north of 195 your out of luck.
  12. This has already been discussed and beaten to death. There is no magazine registration. The exception is strictly for "firearms" that have a fixed magazine capacity exceeding 10 rounds that cannot be modified, then you must register the firearm. NOT the magazine. If you have 15 round magazines modify them to accept 10 rounds and keep them. Permanently modified is very subjective here. The bottom line is if your magazine is field tested and does not accept more than 10 rounds with no apparent way to modify them to accept more than 10 rounds then keep them you are fine. So everyone is pissed off, so am I. But the bottom line is if just under 60% of the firearm permit holder's in NJ voted in the past election this a-hole would not be governor. Like it or not that's the math. I'm sure everyone on this forum voted, at least I hope so, so you and everyone else is wasting your breath. It's the other 40+ % of the firearm owner's you have to blame for this fiasco. What you should really be worried about is what this governor has up his sleeve next. He plans to make NJ it's own socialist country and to hell with federal laws. He has already proven that. The best everyone can do is keep contributing to the organizations that will sue. I suggest that we petition the "free" towns in this state and have their police chief's declare their towns "Safe Havens" for legal firearm owners and have them refuse to enforce the magazine laws. Let's see him argue that the towns are acting illegally when he is doing the same sh*t with federal laws.
  13. I know, tell that to the State Police Rookie making his bones.
  14. Type 07 is a manufacturer's license and I am not sure the requirements to receive a firearm are any different. But I have no experience with an 07 license so I can't accurately comment on your post. In NJ there are (as of Nov 2017) 394 FFL's of all types, and out of 394 there are 27 07 type licenses.
  15. Perhaps you should read the legislation. What laws in particular do you think we are exempt from? You would be really surprised. Yes, I can have an inventory of high capacity magazines, any capacity in my shop for sale outside of NJ. But no, I can't take them to the range and use them in the next steel match. I can have as many rifles, shop inventory, for sale with adjustable stocks, folding stocks, flash suppressors etc., but the only thing I can do with them is sell them outside of NJ. I can even deal in NFA stuff if I want and have suppressors and stuff like that for sale in my shop, but not to be sold to anyone in this state and not for me to personally use. I can't take any "evil stuff" as determined by NJ to the range and have some fun. If I want to transfer a pistol to my private collection I need a pistol permit just like you do. Frankly, there is only one law we are exempt from and that is based on how your FFL license is worded. If you are not incorporated and are a sole proprietor of your business and your license lists your name first, then and only then are you exempt from doing a NICS check on yourself if you want to transfer a gun to your own collection. That's precisely why my LLC, Plumsted Arms, is not on my license, my name and DBA are on the license. We are not exempt from any NJ laws the moment I carry a firearm outside of my shop and use it for personal use. At least that's what I get out of the last 20 or so times I read the stupid laws. Regardless I would not want to be stopped on the road with a 20 round magazine and try to explain to the police officer. Oh officer don't worry it's ok, I am an FFL. LOL Oh and for those that think being an FFL allows you to CC in this state, sorry wrong again.
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