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  1. Wow, good for you! That would be HUGE if it happened to me.
  2. I don't believe thats an accurate statement. If I am allowed to carry a handgun on my own property, outside my home yet still on my property, wouldn't that also apply to hollowpoints too? We had another thread (that I started) just about this subject, and everyone agreed it was totally legal to posess and carry on your own property. g. Exceptions (2) a. Nothing in subsection f. (1) shall be construed to prevent a person from keeping such ammunition at his dwelling, premises or other land owned or possessed by him,
  3. I thought of that afterwards, I should have done so (broke out my card) and asked to see and hold the shotty. I got turned off by the salesmans initial and onging attitude but I should have made him show me the shotty and then when done said that I know where I can get it cheaper and then walk away. He was a jerk in my opinion and a waste of time behind the gun counter. I let it go at that and walked away early. But then, they don't need my business (its evident) as they're a large chain store. So I honestly doubt I'll pay them another visit for anything. And no, I wasn't there at the store specifically to see a shotty, I was there for other purposes and the interest in the shotty was spur of the moment, but sincere interest none the less as I am in the market for an O/U similar to the one that caught my eye there. (Franchi)
  4. I went to Dicks in Freehold a night ago and was interested in an over / under shotgun I spotted so I summoned the samesman over who was already behind the counter. No other customers were there so he was totally free to assist me. Bottom line, he didnt! After several questions about the shotty it became clear that this "dick" was not even going to go touch that shotgun, much less show it to me. In fact he went as far as to answer questions from the hip not even looking at the tag on the shotty, making statements that started off with "I believe or I think" Sure I had my F.I.D. in my wallet but it was evident this guy was not interested in showing me anything. I won't ever go back there (for anything.) either.
  5. Thats why Chrysler says it's cars are "imported" from Detroit. Becuase it's like a different Country there, unfortunately not a good one. (And yes, I've been to Newark during daylight hours and I've seen enough in broad daylight.)
  6. Smith & Wessom M&P "Pro Series" 9mm in 4.25" or 5" barrel. Walther PPQ 9mm
  7. They would be "illegal" in a CCW weapon, except you rarely will find anyone with a CCW permit anyway. Perhaps Armored Car personnel while on duty would be one that comes to mind (or P.I.s) as not being able to use them in their weapons? But otherwise very legal to own, purchase, transport and have at home for home defense or transporting them to a range etc, or to back home etc.
  8. I was thinking that too, Kimber Solo or Beretta Nano would be nice... BUT then this is the State of Confusion and Prohibition we live in.
  9. GiantsFan

    which 9mm?

    OK, I take that back, RAY is definitely NOT a "commie!"
  10. And make sure she doesn't accidentally wear any "Gang Colors" like a red "do rag" or something...
  11. On the bright side, it's better then Camden!
  12. The "protest" would need to be clearly defined and advertised too. Otherwise it could be misinterpreted like all the "OCCUPY" protesters around the Country who for the life of me cannot collectively tell us what it is exactly they are supposedly protesting. It's the equivelent of opening up a window, sticking your head out and loudly shouting "I'm mad as hell - and I'm not going to take it any more!"
  13. I love the signs along the Garden State Parkway highlighting the important exits for newark, you know the Performing Arts Center etc. Those in the know consider them more as warning signs "NOT" to exit there, nor anywhere else nearby either like Irvington etc. You have to be especially careful about a month or two before Christmas as the local Christmas shoppers will consider you an easy stocking to pick. SpecialK - Great Video, thanks for sharing! (yea it's a spoof but not too far off.)
  14. I always thought there was a NJ law with something about blade length of 4" (or so) and am surprised to learn via this thread that there is no such law. Good thread, I learned allot from reading it.
  15. GiantsFan

    S&W 1911 Pro 9mm

    Yes, it certainly is. That's semi-auto #4 on order for me. Should have it this spring some time. Taking delivery of three others before this one.
  16. It's always good to have one of each anyway, so you don't need to "point" the gun without knowing of a potential target (or until it's needed) and both my lights (gun mounted and hand held) have a selectable strobe feature built in. My S&W Gun mount "Micro 90" is 90 lumens and my handheld is 120 lumens.
  17. Allot of businesses will be affected in New Jersey too. Sporting goods stores, Gun stores, Shooting Ranges etc. all stand to be put out of business by these nonsense bills. It's sickening what our politicians try to do to it's citizens.
  18. When they outlaw all our guns (or ammo) all they will accomplish is to create a new bunch of "outlaws"
  19. GiantsFan

    which 9mm?

    Don't mind him Futool, he's just a "hater" There's nothing wrong with STI nor with the M&Ps either. Besides that they're made in America too! (maybe he's a commie?)
  20. If all were contributors, that would be nice "coin" right there. Could be almost $9K a month in taxable income!
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