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  1. Mine shipped. Thanks for the heads-up on this deal.
  2. Sorry guys -- my wife just bought the last three boxes that were remaining.
  3. I visited Silver Bullet this morning to get the paperwork started. Thanks again to the OP for the heads - up on this deal.
  4. ~$9 per box of 20. 6 boxes per person. About 100 boxes on the shelf as of 10:30. No FID asked (since this is not handgun ammo), only DL.
  5. I am at Dick's in Paramus. They have 5.56 Independence.
  6. LOL indeed. That's the face of that poor, down-trodden, beleaguered firearms industry right there.
  7. Actually, this must be FedEx, not UPS. When I enter my number is on FedEx website, and the shipment does come up - - originating today in West Henrietta, NY and going to Rockaway, NJ, which does make sense.
  8. Got my shipping confirmation today. According to it, it shipped via UPS, with a tracking number that doesn't look like it's UPS.
  9. Careful with that one. It's a 15 rounder for the FULL version. That mag will stick out from the grip when inserted into a compact version of PX4. I believe Apehanger's pic shows a COMPACT PX4.
  10. My condolences, Anthony. May your father rest in piece, and may your family get closer and stronger while getting through the grief and the ordeals. to all of us, by the way, this is a reminder -- if you own firearms, be sure to include them into your will.
  11. Watched Total Recall movie last night, and caught the trailer of the upcoming next James Bond flick, Skyfall. Despite initial rumors that Bond would be fielding a PPS as a new product placement from Walther, he continues on with his "iconic" PPK, although a souped up one.
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