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  1. Really? I hope you're only speaking for yourself.
  2. Wow, you are very observant. There is grip tape on the trigger guard Again, adding the trigger means adding the trigger. Seems like everyone else got it that the OP added a trigger "AND" grip tape to the gun.
  3. ^^ wrong! This is what the OP said "what division adding the trigger and grip tape will put me under".
  4. Check out ibejiheads.com Coated bullets so you're not handling lead and a lot cheaper than jacketed like Montana Gold. Unless you're shooting major pf open guns (and I think they have bullets for open guns), Ibeji bullets are very accurate and clean.
  5. Any idea of when the scores will be posted
  6. The day I start making excuses of not shooting because there's a chance of rain is the day my gun is going for sale.
  7. I think he wants recognition for building a stage and wished he's wearing an orange shirt.
  8. So that's why you were looking for 9mm brass. And there's only 1 unicorn in production right now!
  9. Even without this cheating incident, PH is simply a douchbag from experience in last year's area 8 match.
  10. You can, but why would you want to shoot minor in L10? You can just shoot the G22 by itself(as a .40) in L10 and score major(as long a you make mpf).
  11. You can shoot 9 out of your G22, but if you are shooting production, technically you will be bumped into open. In a local match, no one cares.
  12. If you are shooting USPSA, XD9 in production or Sig in L10. Forget IDPA, USPSA is a lot more fun.
  13. Vlad, it was written on the back of our squad list. CJ must be the Bermuda Triangle of classifier scores, my Dec classifier score was lost also.
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