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  1. If you survive the initial die off, there should be plenty of excess supplies around due to all the warehouses. It's probably safe to assume that 99% of NYC and Phila wouldn't make it across the rivers. South jersey is probably defensible as long as you remove the gang banger element.
  2. stock up on antibiotics http://www.vetdepot.com/fish-mox-forte-amoxicillin-500-mg-100-capsules.html LOL. I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice!
  3. Hoping this is a false alarm. Just put in an order for a different SKU of 7.62x54r ammo. Will let you know what happens.
  4. Just noticed this today: WTF! WARNING: Ammunition cannot be shipped to AL; CA; CT; FL; HI; IL; NJ; NY; OK; RI; D.C.; MA; Canada or Puerto Rico. Ammunition cannot be shipped Parcel Post. If shipping to IA, must be 21. Please check your State, County and City laws for restrictions before ordering Ammunition. This language was on the page for 7.62x54r ammo: http://shop.sportsma...&cjadv=CJTSGUSA (contains embedded referral link for slicksguns, sorry) On the other hand it does not appear (yet) on this page for 30-06 ammo http://shop.sportsma...s.aspx?a=725842 I don't know...doesn't show up on any other ammo page that I've found yet..maybe it's just that one item.
  5. More on the political correctness angle, or, why the problem isn't the gun laws its the mental health laws: UNTIL six years ago, idiots couldn't vote in New Jersey. (Given my home state's politics, this may come as a surprise.) "Idiot", a term inserted into New Jersey's constitution in 1844, referred to mental illness or incapacity. "Idiots" were denied suffrage. The word was replaced with more politic language in 2007. That section of the constitution now reads: "No person who has been adjudicated by a court of competent jurisdiction to lack the capacity to understand the act of voting shall enjoy the right of suffrage." Similar effect, different words. Richard Codey, the then-president of the state senate, called the persistence of "idiot" in New Jersey's constitution "a disgrace" and inconveniently vague. The constitutions of Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Mexico and Ohio still refer to "idiots". In 2010, a law replaced the terms "mental retardation", "mentally retarded", "idiot" and "feebleminded" in New Jersey's statutes with "intellectual disability" and "developmental disability". This week, the New Jersey General Assembly returned to finish the job. The assembly unanimously approved a bill that will, among other things, remove the terms "lunatic", "insane", "unsound mind", and "incompetent" from state statutes and replace those words with different, more carefully worded language. The New Jersey Senate will now consider the bill. It's likely to pass. The present bill emerged out of the findings of a state commission on law revision. The report is careful, singling out only the instances of terms like "insane" and "unsound mind" that are clearly pejorative, leaving intact certain usages—in criminal statutes, for example—where they carry specific meanings. In one document, the commission writes that removing the phrase "vegetative state" is unnecessary, since it's a "medical term of art" and finding replacement language would be too difficult. But they're clear about other, less artful terms. The bill will purge the state's statutes of archaic language that has become pejorative, but New Jersey's mentally disabled population might also benefit from clearer, not just kinder language. Words like "idiot" and "lunatic" are hardly terms of art. Their replacements are specially defined. Valerie Vanieri Huttle, the sponsoring legislator, said of the bill, "Removing these offensive terms from our statutes will hopefully reduce the stigma associated with mental health conditions and shift the focus to recovery." That is, perhaps, until the euphemism treadmill makes today's polite words tomorrow's schoolyard taunts. Then the language may have to change yet again. From http://www.economist.com/blogs/johnson/2012/12/statutory-language
  6. I highly recommend the book called Treasure Islands by Nicholas Shaxson about the international offshore banking system centered on London and the way it facilitates capital flight from the third world. It is a real eye opener about how international capital moves around and evades taxes generally.
  7. Happy birthday from a fellow 11/20'er.
  8. What's interesting is, watch when the price of paper gold/silver takes a dip, say 20%, then go try to buy physical at that price. You won't find any. People aren't stupid.
  9. I think this site might be useful: http://www.njelectricity.org/ Gateway seems to be the cheapest and I've seen $75 gift card signup offers printed at shop rite.
  10. I tried this to get airline miles. (Delta, but United is partners with the same energy company). The first month was indeed 10% lower than JCP&L. The second month was 50% HIGHER than JCP&L. I called and bitched and they put me on a "commercial plan" (yeah, whatever you want to call it) that with tax equals 9.9 c/kwh. The regular JCP&L rate is about 10.5 cents an hour. And i get some airlines points for my usage. I would recommend switching at a low usage time of year so if you get bait and switched the pain isn't too bad. I probably ended up about even considering the lump of bonus miles i got versus the month I grossly overpaid. They also offer the same kind of deal for natural gas. So you can do it but timing is important as well as meticulous attention to detail.
  11. Autographed a DVD box set for Obama: "from one muslim to another". LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=btYvCTVuUZE
  12. Here's one on gunbroker if you feel like gambling: http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=312090309 Damn that looks nice. I almost want to bid on it myself.
  13. At least those aren't American troops. What do you think, Mexican army? Judging by the terrain and the weapons (F&F purchase? and I don't mean friends and family) I'd say their camo leaves something to be desired too. :-)
  14. Massive Manure Pile Delivered to Ohio Democratic Offices
  15. Imagine living in such a freedom loving place: Video: http://landing.newsi...rj&VID=23843224 GOING BALLISTIC: The Range 702 (55,000 square feet of it) armed for success By Jennifer Robison LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL Posted: Oct. 13, 2012 | 12:08 a.m. The recession took aim at the heart of Southern Nevada's construction industry, so a few of its members set their sights on a new career. "The economy kind of tanked, and we all know what happened to the construction industry," said Brian Lake, a general contractor and one of several partners in The Range 702, a shooting range that opened Thursday at 4699 S. Dean Martin Drive. The Range 702 is the latest in a fusillade of local gun-range startups. The 10,000-square-foot Machine Guns Vegas opened in February near Spring Mountain Road and Interstate 15 with a VIP lounge and scantily clad hostesses. Battlefield Vegas launched Oct. 1 on Industrial Road at Circus Circus Drive, offering a five-acre complex that replicates famous battles, including 1944's D-Day. And the 4,500-square-foot Strip Gun Club machine-gun range is scheduled to open this month on Las Vegas Boulevard just north of Sahara Avenue. But The Range 702 is different. For one thing, it's bigger. Company representatives bill it as the largest indoor gun range west of the Mississippi, at 55,000 square feet of space with 25 lanes, compared with an industry average of 12,000 square feet and 12 to 15 lanes. Four of the range's lanes are PRISim suites with interactive video scenarios. The Range 702 also has a VIP room for up to 20 people, with a private back entrance, a pool table, big screen TVs and seven private lanes. The range sells guns and ammunition and offers gunsmithing services and classes ranging from firearms-permit courses to training for women's self-defense. There's even a cafe. "We want customers to spend time here," said Mari Lake, a partner in the range and Brian Lake's wife. Those customers will likely include both locals and tourists, and that client mix is why gun ranges are on the march here, Mari Lake said. The centers attract locals who want an alternative to shooting in the desert, as well as visitors looking for something different to do. A local gun instructor who asked the paper not to name him said Asian tourists in particular like local gun ranges. Many Asian countries ban firearms, and tourists from the region are driving a big increase in automatic-gun rentals. "It's nothing for them to drop $5,000 to $10,000 on ammunition," the instructor said. "It's not a once-in-a-lifetime thing for them, but it's definitely something they don't get to do very often, and they go crazy for it." The Lakes' own experiences with gun ownership helped inspire The Range 702. Brian Lake bought his wife a gun at a local range about two years ago. Disappointed in the customer service, the Lakes decided they could do better. About 200 people checked out the result of that inspiration at Thursday morning's grand opening. Attendees included Las Vegas Mayor Pro Tem Stavros Anthony and Rep. Joe Heck, R-Nev. Both Heck and Anthony participated in the ribbon "shooting," using M4 rifles to shred the neon-yellow ribbon hanging in the lanes for the store's launch. Before the ribbon shooting, Heck peppered a target at the end of a 25-yard lane with an M16. "Go big or go home," he said. The Lakes chose to go big when it came time to find a new line of work. Before the recession, their general-contracting company, Lake Construction, mostly built commercial space. Among its projects: The 41,000-square-foot southwest Las Vegas corporate headquarters for Golden Gaming, a slot route operator that owns PT's Pubs and Sierra Gold taverns. The company also renovated Casino MonteLago at Lake Las Vegas for its 2011 reopening. In converting a former Cloud Carpets warehouse to The Range 702, the partners have likely finished their last construction project. Now, they'll focus on expanding The Range 702. They plan to look first at potential stores in Orlando and Nashville in the next couple of months. Locations in other cities will take on local area codes, so Orlando's outpost would be called The Range 407. Nashville's would be The Range 615. The company is also pursuing a five-star rating from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which would make it a gun-range version of the Mandarin Oriental or the Wynn Tower Suites. The foundation evaluates ranges on appearance, customer service, management, amenities and community relations. On top of adding amenities such as the restaurant and the VIP lounge, The Range 702 is supporting Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada, giving the charity 20 percent of its proceeds in October. It's holding a gun giveaway in the month, entering anyone who spends more than $50. Costs at the range start at $20 for an hour of shooting. Hiring is also on the agenda. The Range 702 has 45 employees, with plans to hire at least 20 more in areas including safety training, retail workers and kitchen staff. Contact reporter Jennifer Robison at [email protected] journal.com or 702-380-4512. Follow @J_Robison1 on Twitter.
  16. http://www.nj.com/mo...is_weekend.html ASBURY PARK – They’re coming! With blood-drenched mouths and glazed-over eyes, thousands of zombies will slink along the boardwalk and up Cookman Avenue on Saturday. Some will be missing limbs, while others will be lugging the limbs of others on which to snack on. They will range in ages from toddlers to senior citizens. Some of them have been planning their invasion for months. For others, it will be an impromptu public assembly of the undead. No, this will not be the zombie apocalypse that the Center for Disease Control braced the nation for last year. It is the 5th Annual New Jersey Zombie Walk. The same walk that Guinness World Records recognized as the world’s largest gathering of zombies in 2010. Neptune resident Jason Meehan started the zombie walk with his ex-wife Christina in 2008. “We just thought it would be something fun to do with a group of our friends. But we also put up some flyers to invite anyone else to join us, and about 500 zombies showed up,” said Meehan, 31. The walk has grown in scope and in popularity every year since. The 2010 gathering that set the world record had 4,093 zombies in attendance. But last year, Meehan said, city officials estimated that the crowd was about three times that record total. “We had set up all kinds of vendors in Convention Hall last year, but so many zombies showed up that not everyone could get in there to see them. That’s why we are going to just do everything outside this year,” said Meehan, who still organizes the free event with a only few friends “just for fun.” “I’m very surprised. I never imagined that it would get as big as it has,” he said. “It’s pretty remarkable that this is only our fifth year and there could be more than 15,000 zombies there.” This year’s event will also be a little shorter – one day instead of three – and earlier in the year, which will keep it from competing against other popular Halloween-themed events. “We have held it closer to end of October in the past, but we moved it up to the beginning of the month to give zombies another chance to celebrate Halloween … another chance to perfect their costumes,” Meehan said. The rain-or-shine event is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. with the walk expected to kick off at 5 p.m. And the zombie-themed events – including a large-scale zombie ‘Thriller’ dance and a zombie beer garden – will continue throughout the night. And even though there will be plenty of vendors, live music and zombie-themed offerings from Asbury Park merchants, Meehan said this year’s zombies will be asked to use some brains instead of just eating them. “The Women’s League of Voters will be on hand to register people to vote. Not to sway anyone one way or another, just to encourage them to vote,” he said. “The Central Jersey Blood Center will also be back for their ‘Undead Blood Drive.’ And Move For Hunger will be there for a zombie food drive.” But it is the costumes – from those that are just thrown together, to those that take months to plan – that makes the event special. Last year there were JFK and Jackie O zombies, a zombie Incredible Hulk and zombies on stilts. There were baby zombies in strollers and grandparent zombies lurching next to their zombie grandkids. “It runs the entire spectrum,” Meehan said. “Because all it is, really, is a chance for a bunch of zombies to get together and have a great time.” For more information about this year’s event visit: www.njzombiewalk.com
  17. Shepard Smith with the commentary As seen on TV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZttwwbM-AU&feature=youtu.be Shep apologizes:
  18. Here is the link for the Federal http://www.sgammo.co...fmj-ammo-ae40r2 and here's the Speer Lawman http://www.sgammo.com/product/speer/50-round-box-40-cal-speer-lawman-155-grain-tmj-ammo-53957
  19. You're right he says in the text full size but the picture looks like a compact doesn't it
  20. Mine does not like the Thunderbolt at all. It is very happy with the Federal copper nosed value packs.
  21. Yeah I got a registration, cut it out yourself with scissors. They should just make it a key tag like Shop Rite. :-)
  22. CDNN has the 15 rd mags for 24.99 http://www.cdnninves...px49mm15bl.html p.s. sorry just noticed that this is also included in the pinned thread on 15 rounders p.p.s. sucks that beretta doesn't include the parts cup anymore in the box
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