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  1. thinking about selling my XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX , its been mount on my rifle but never shot , is it consider used or still new
  2. mad man with a knife no deaths ,mad man with guns 28 dead big differents
  3. brought sw9ve first buy now alittle smarter about what i want how do i go about replacing it do i have to sell it and get another permit take back to store an try to trade it but will i need to get another permit want the glock that a 9 but convert to 40 inventory glock 21 12gauge ar15 5.56
  4. what was the list that was helpful things to bring to the range me and wife was just looking into sjsc thx
  5. hollo all looking for gun shop with large selection of piston ar been to two shop no luck any advise is welcome thx
  6. new to forum so hollo annd thx in advance looking to get top tier ar m4 rifle need to make nj complaint any place or shop that sell these type of rifles or do nj complaint work in south jersey top tier as in bcm spikes daniel defense mid length system
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