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  1. First obvious flaw in that thinking is that the good Lord gave us two hands.
  2. Probably used a Glock instead of a Beretta.
  3. I think it contains the snouts and tails considered too low-grade to make the quality control cut for Spam. You'd be surprised of the meat misadventures people can get into. I recall one case where a local small town butcher was doing a terrible job of removing all the thyroid tissue from their cuts and everyone in the town was going hyperthyroid from eating ground beef.
  4. Sponsored by the American College of Cardiology
  5. They probably shipped them to antifa after Kyle shot them up.
  6. That does help. There are also apparently some things Roundup just won't kill well. I have a hosta that I have poured every foul chemical known to science on and it is still going strong. Also, most killers tend not to work well on plants outside the active growth season. A lot of things are going dormant now for winter.
  7. If you spray the Roundup now it will die and the Roundup will be long gone by veggie season. Whatever is left will eventually decay away. Or you could spray it with bleach.
  8. Sure, that's where i keep all my ammo for a situation just like this. If I had a wife or daughter coming into a train or bus station, I'd be waiting there, strapped, today. To hell with CCW laws. Phildo.
  9. $25 a box? WTF? I could buy real pigeons for that.
  10. "She" is probably transgender. Still breaking it in.
  11. Phildo is only going to hear from people that already confirm his deeply held bias. His beliefs are set in stone and he's in his echo chamber. His wife could get stabbed in his driveway and he'd still not care about self defense. It's good to be filthy rich - you don't have to worry about a lot of things. Moron.
  12. It's only a crime if you get caught. Don't have all the parts in your car and drive drunk, speeding, with two burned out brakes lights and a busted headlight and you'll be ok.
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