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  1. Mine are named The Beretta, The Browning High Power, The Ruger Mark3 (or just The Ruger for short), and The Model 63. In the interest of full disclosure, my cats are named The Fat Cat, The Black Cat, and The Maine Coon. Only my dogs get real names (Remus and BamBam).
  2. EMB

    st martin

    Make sure to try the guavaberry rum. Awesome!
  3. I have to say, that while I really liked the fit of the GSG, the Ruger MKiii Target was much,much more accurate. I tried both at ShoreShot before buying, and the difference in group size was very telling, even though the Ruger was so dirty that it was FTE'ing fairly regularly (that and the cheap Remington Thunderbolt ammo that was all they has available). If you are looking for a gun for accuracy, I'd recommend the Ruger Mark iii. I can't speak for the 22/45 though...
  4. Check out www.rrages.com. I got mine from them a few months ago. $28
  5. Thanks for your replies. Yup, that's what it was. I guess next time I should take the digital scale. These were just marked 9mm, and I actually thought they were going to be closer to 115gr by the look of them.
  6. I think this thread beats the Daily Humor thread for LOL funny....
  7. Well, I picked up some 9mm lead bullets at the Oaks show, and they are 158gr. I checked my Lyman book and the Hodgdon website, and they just have up to 147gr listed for 9mm loads. Does anyone have any reference that lists 157gr lead in 9mm? I'm thinking that it is non-standard for 9mm, and more of a 38 spc bullet... Any thoughts or suggestions on the correct powder for Winchester 231? I don't even see 231 load data for the 147 lead... Should I even attempt this? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks,
  8. Sorry, I haven't replaced the Extractor yet (chickened out after doing the Volquartsen Trigger and Sear, which was about enough headache for one day), but there is a good video from Brandon401401 that shows the firing pin spring at about 2:47 in this youtube. He's using a 22/45, but the insides are similar to the Mark III. This is an Accurizing kit install page, but it has good schematics and shows the trigger plunger. http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/lid=12902/GunTechdetail/Tweaking-Ruger-s-Mark-III-Target-Pistol-Accurizing-Kit-and-Target-Grip-Installation
  9. If it's private, let them pay for the beach replenishment every time we get a northeaster.... NJ dumps millions every year into private and public beach replenishment and dune projects, and then have some of the same folks sue the state for ruining their ocean view because of a dune.
  10. Went to Oaks this weekend with the hubby. It was our first ever gun show, and we didn't go with any special gun pickups in mind (although I have been hoping to grab a lever action 22lr rifle used). We were hoping to find deals on AR500 steel, new grips for our 1911, and electronic earmuffs. All three were complete washouts (there was just one vendor that I found with new 1911 grips, and they weren't that impressive). The reloading tables were something that I didn't expect, and we picked up quite a bit, but man o man, do I wish we had brought backpacks to bring our stuff back!
  11. Wow, I don't think I could just stand there filming that. Especially when the lion looks like it is trying to bite the kid on the head, sheesh! Glass partition or no glass partition, I'd be grabbing that baby and getting OUT of there.
  12. This particular fire was at Green Gables Restaurant in Beach Haven.
  13. Dramamine and canned beer - mmmm!! Breakfast of champions... I'm with you on this - trolling is definitely better if you suffer from motion sickness. I would recommend Bonine over dramamine, since you don't get nearly as tired. I actually used to resort to the patches that you wear behind the ear for overnight tuna trips, which you can get prescribed. It's been years though, and I don't remember what they were called.
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