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  1. A Magblock that replaces the floor plate is about as permanent as you will get.
  2. The worst piece of shit he could buy. Right behind a century build.
  3. Never put a file to the rifle. You file the mag first!
  4. Wish we knew if the gun and mag were modified and if they still charged.
  5. Taught my son how to clear malfunctions with his former one!
  6. Exact same one is $70 @ Costco! http://www.costco.com/VelocityVault-by-Cannon-Handgun-Safe-.product.100140526.html
  7. O-gre

    Legion FAIL

    Trigger bar spring is def a weak point of the design. Knocked mine off when cleaning e2 grips.
  8. Not to mention that restore implies we have had something and lost it. Something more catchy needs to be done
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