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  1. A Magblock that replaces the floor plate is about as permanent as you will get.
  2. The worst piece of shit he could buy. Right behind a century build.
  3. Never put a file to the rifle. You file the mag first!
  4. Wish we knew if the gun and mag were modified and if they still charged.
  5. Taught my son how to clear malfunctions with his former one!
  6. Exact same one is $70 @ Costco! http://www.costco.com/VelocityVault-by-Cannon-Handgun-Safe-.product.100140526.html
  7. O-gre

    Legion FAIL

    Trigger bar spring is def a weak point of the design. Knocked mine off when cleaning e2 grips.
  8. Not to mention that restore implies we have had something and lost it. Something more catchy needs to be done
  9. Within a few short years we have built a group with almost 5,000 members. There have been 1,000's of successful transactions by many fantastic people. As this was a FREE service provided by Facebook they have no incentive to keep it going as it's against their views. We haven't had one issue with Facebook to date with our members. Have not had one person come on and try and purchase a firearm illegally that we have been made aware of. That said our group is still open for business but should it get shut down we already have over 400 members on our backup site. I welcome all here to join: https://mewe.com/join/nj_guns_for_sale
  10. You are just trying to justify your next purchase. Build the AR10 & enjoy. In a real SHTF scenario you will be best served with a Ruger and a few thousand rounds in a backpack. Try doing that with 556.
  11. Cheap ammo and forcing shit into a gun = failure in any firearm.
  12. I want the IWI mags!
  13. If people are having gumming issues with Fireclean they aren't following the instructions. You need to prep it first and use very little. I wipe my AK bolt with a paper towel clean! Could never do that with anything else.
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