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  1. I'm an advisor, PM and we can talk.
  2. The limits and boundaries need to be rethought when innocent woman are stabbed to death in their driveway while rights are denied.
  3. Are the hours "firm"? Would hate to show up Sun to a locked door at 6. Thanks
  4. My GP100 feels great and well balanced in hand.
  5. I have a beach house there, going to apply next time I go up. Stay tuned.
  6. I had the Weber Summit Gold, was top of the line 12 years ago. The burner box and cart both fully rusted out twice. It did get a lot of use but was well maintained and covered. This time around I went with a Bull product that is ALL 304 stainless. Time will tell.
  7. Bought this from Amazon and love it. Classic Accessories 55-141-045101-EC Ravenna Grill Cover, Large, Taupe
  8. Thoughts? www.jesticearms.com/magpul-15-30-front-rivet-ak47-7.62x39-PMAG?search=15/30
  9. It does NOT feel cheap at all. It's nothing like an AR. Shoulder one and you will be buying one.
  10. Bumped into the owner of UH tonight. She said they are at least a year away.
  11. O-gre


    All SS come out yet?
  12. O-gre

    PPQ M2 vs Glock 19

    PPQ mags still twice the price of a glock mag?
  13. There is a Facebook page Manalapan NJ Community page. Post there. I'd take him but they are high maint. We have two boas and a kingsnake. Feed once every week or so and clean at same time. Zero smell.
  14. Mothers mag polish. Thank me later.
  15. Thanks for reposting, yeah Facebook is gay BUT it works great when you want to sell a gun locally! There are a couple of FFL's on it to help if needed.
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