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    OB is about 10 minutes from my pad so it's convenient. As far as your location, I would decide on what club was closer and/or easier to get to between OBRPC and CJRPC. Both are great clubs and thee are other that can give you more details about CJ, but click the OBRPC in my signature and it will bring you to the website for more info. Either way, both are great and if I was in between both, I'd probably be a member of both..

    Thank you. Will check both out.



    I have no personal issue with you other than your unwillingness to help. It's not a problem for me either, just wasted space.


    Telling us you got your permits in 16 days without knowing from where is like telling us about a great deal you got for 1000 rounds of ammo, but you won't tell us which retailer.

    Can't imagine you would. That said does it REALLY make a difference. It's not like anyone is going to move from one town to another based on FID time. Am I wrong? If I see someone from my town I will gladly PM them.

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    Doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks IMHO. It was my understanding that this forum was to help others, talk about experiences, and just have good conversation. I can't help but feel negativity, distrust, and a bit of attitude coming from you. Not exactly a stellar way to make friends here. I'm new myself here, but wouldn't want to rub anyone the wrong way. All this over naming your local PD because of "16 days"? Grow up and grow a pair.

    Your joking right? I have been called a troll and a liar in a few short posts. I am not comfortable stating the PD. if that's a problem for some than that's too bad. I shared my experience nothing more nothing less.

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