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  1. Would that be the one on GB that got pulled yesterday? I was going to call them Wednesday and got tied up at work, then it was gone....


    Good luck finding one. I got an email from CZ Customs, CZ hasn't sent them any SP-01 kits in 9 months and they have no idea when they will get more.

    yep! Seller was a bit blunt and turned me off. Should have just hit the button.

  2. Not in stock.  ;)   I like Stainless finishes, but that's me. I have a CZ75 buried somewhere. Want to run it in IDPA next month, maybe............

    Don't think SS is an option. Anyone know for sure?

  3. Ruger GP100 Wiley Clapp Special Edition 357mag

    Take a look at this Ruger GP100 Wiley Clapp Special Edition 357mag Revolver. 3” barrel, rubber grip with checkered wood inset, manufactured 2013. Fiber optic front sight and Novaks rear sight, satin stainless steel finish. Revolver is New-In-Box with all original box and books. 

  4. I have a G21 and went to clean it at the range, slide wouldn't come off so like an idiot I point it towards the ground and pull the trigger (needed to remove slide) and it drops hard on to the concrete floor. My heart drops. I pick it up and the concrete has a chip in it and absolutely not a mark on the slide. Sold me right there! I also have a CZ, 92fs, HK P30 and Sig.

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