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  1. I hear anything more than Merv8 and you put your whole system at risk. Please advise.
  2. Took it to the range for the first time and ran 200 flawless rounds through it. Decided to give it a quick clean and remove the slide. It didn't come off the 1st try so of course I point it at the ground and pull the trigger and BAM the slide goes flying into the Brick Armory concrete floor. I figured it would be all scratched and what do you know, not ONE mark! That is one hell of a finish and I'm glad it happened to my Glock and not my other pistols!
  3. HTC one is pure all alum front facing beats speaker Zoe goodness
  4. With everything in the cloud storage is less of an issue. I take a picture and it immediately backs up to two different services. All music is on Google play
  5. No HK P30 3nd floor Sig 226 main floor Glock 21 basement NO safeties
  6. Care to explain (tether for free without having to root)? I haven't found that to be true with AT&T
  7. so does the HTC. Root it and install trickdroid and WOW
  8. I haven't ever had a battery go out and always have a charger handy. The camera is as good or better than the rest. I cam from an iPhone 5!
  9. O-gre


    River Horse Triple Ale! Try it.
  10. For all you S4 fans, have you actually looked at the HTC one? It is SO much nicer!
  11. I think it's hysterical that people don't want to buy an apple product yet go whole hog on a google product. Maybe they just don't know?
  12. HTC One stomps the S4! If you like quality and design that is.
  13. O-gre

    CZ75 SS

    I used eezox on it and it's not hard at all to keep it looking good.
  14. My water bill says otherwise lol
  15. O-gre

    CZ75 SS

    thank you. I thought I had everything else set on private but looks like when you allow one pic in allows all. Thanks again.
  16. Wife is dragging me to the movies, if you can go around 8 should be avail then.
  17. Dismiss, expensive but a little goes a long way. If your close to Manalapan I can give you enough for a gallon.
  18. Blah, don't worry. Everything will be FINE! :wild:
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