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  1. I love how on this forum you can bash a whole city without even knowing anyone from there but if you say one thing about police you get banned...

    It's BECAUSE a MAJORITY of the people in these places that OUR gun rights are under attack. What part of THAT don't you get?

  2. Yes, we are jaded. Say if your neighbor thinks your bad guy. Does that mean your okay with the cops coming in your house to check your weapons to make sure they are NJ legal? Or better yet, your neighbor calls the cops saying he saw you carrying one of those machine guns and the cops come at your weapons drawn.

    This is NEWARK we are talking about!

  3. Are we so jaded that a program designed to go after the very guns that are the cause of our problems becomes one big conspiracy? I'm not saying we don't have problems but come on now! They finally do,something that goes after the bad guys and you guys bitch about that too?

  4. Never saw an all stainless 92 or 96, alloy, yes, kinda looks like stainless, yes, the INOX versions of the 92FS and 96FS, but never an all stainless version.

    Ya know what I meant! LOL

  5. This dealer is very loyal to his customers and we get a email blast giving us first choice before he puts it on this site or the auctions usually at a higher price.He prices fairly IMO and sells everything he has before it goes beyond his email list.

    This^^^ I still say the "panic" is over!

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