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  1. Thanks for the feedback. It's very much appreciated. Glad to hear you were able to hit the range too that day!
  2. I'm very glad it got addressed. Thank you for allowing that to get brought to the open forum. I wish the actual people involved could have responded as well. Of course! Part of our mission is about bringing members of the community together. It certainly would have made for more of an exchange. Those that lobbed those bombs have been invited numerous times over the years. However, they clearly indicated that they would need to have the conference operate "under" their "banner" to "protect their brand". The conference is specifically not owned by any group so that all groups might be encouraged to participate. Their lack of participation has been their choice, no one else's.
  3. Honestly, they did a lot of work on Christie to get him where he ended up vetoing a ton of stuff that would have screwed us. I think we need both the folks that can work the inside track quietly and the guys who can get loud on the outside track. It's even better if they can stay aligned and try not to step on each others toes.
  4. Thanks for the full review! Completely valid criticism. I would like to be clear that no one can pay to be on stage. I did offer that the first year, and did not like the results. I make all decisions about content based on my interest and what I think would be valuable for the folks attending. Some of them were absolutely more "pitchy" than I intended. I agree the community panel should have been longer based on our panelists, we had a late addition after the schedule was largely locked in. I try to ensure that there is content that is stimulating for folks with different levels of interest or expertise.
  5. An article was published attacking two of our speakers and their respective organizations by name, and insinuating collusion with another who is widely assumed to be another of our speakers (basically gossip dressed up as scandal). There were a couple of folks with questions that prompted a response to those attacks, which out of context might have felt like attacks themselves. The decision for me in allowing the question to open the door was in terms of "do we address it and then move on or do we ignore it and allow it to fester without reply?" I chose the former.
  6. Thanks, we're certainly doing our best! If you mean the questions asked and answers given being collected and distributed somehow, you are correct. Frankly, immediately after the conference I was busy trying to wrap up the business end of it and getting video edited and published that I probably wouldn't have even tried to synthesize our NJSP representative's answers in a write up. Maybe that is something we can try to do this year as part of our post conference content on NJSafeCon.net It's a solid idea.
  7. I am interested in gathering any questions folks have. Don't worry too much about how it's written, if its a repeat, or whether someone asks a question you think might be obvious. We are brainstorming here. In a week or two all the submissions will be synthesized into one coherent list before being passed along.
  8. Hi folks! At the New Jersey SAFE Conference this year we will be having the NJ State Police Firearms Unit return. They will have a speaker answer some pre-submitted questions from the stage early in the program and will also have a table where they will engage with attendees individually. As a result, I need some questions to submit to them and the forums here were my best source for questions last time. I'd like to keep the thread focused on the questions for the State Police, if you are interested in more information about the conference, you can reach me at john@njsafecon.net or visit the website at njsafecon.net Fire away!
  9. Thanks! Glad to have you on board! I do my best not to be spammy We are a little over thirty days away, so I think you might be hearing more from us as everything firms up with speaker schedule, etc. And we are glad to have you man! I am really excited for this year as we are breaking out to have more non-firearms industry businesses and organizations wanting to participate. We have printing companies, not to mention mechanical and construction contractors, as sponsors and cigar shops exhibiting. Should be a lot of fun.
  10. Fantastic! We are less than 2 months away If you listen to Gun for Hire Radio, you'll hear me on tomorrow talking about it.
  11. Hi guys! Registration for NJ SAFE 2017 opened up earlier this month. Tickets are $20. You can sign up here! The Conference is being held at the Princeton Marriott at Forrestal on September 23rd. It's a great looking venue and probably the most functional space that we will have used to date. I am very proud of the lineup of speakers we are putting together. Many of our favorites from last year will be returning, including Cam Edwards of Cam & Co. on NRATV! He'll be joined by Evan Nappen, Anthony Colandro, Scott Bach and Daniel Schmutter. Also, we have some new speakers who will be joining us, like Jef Henninger. We have more speakers in the hopper that we'll be announcing as we get closer to the event. In addition to the conference we have a line up of great training courses available on September 22nd. They include Firearms and Mental Health taught by Evan Nappen and Dr. Gianni Pirelli, Utah CCW presented by ROC Training, and NJ Self Defense/Citizen Use of Force presented by Justifiable Force Training. If you want to learn more, visit us at NJSafeCon.net
  12. This election will certainly be an uphill battle, but approaching it as though it is already lost would be a mistake.
  13. Me either!!!
  14. We will be in Princeton area. Announcing specific venue details within the next two weeks.
  15. Hi! Wanted to make a quick post that a date has been selected for the next New Jersey SAFE Conference. It is September 23rd! I am very excited for some planned new features of the conference and will be providing more details as we get closer to the event.