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  1. Hi all, sorry I don't post much here. I'm usually on my phone for access and am a Tapatalk hater. Anyway, we have another great kid's event March 13th at Woodland Park Range. Who- ages 5 and up for Eddie Eagle. Ages 8 and up to shoot When-Monday March 13th 6:30 PM Where- Gun For Hire at Woodland Park Range 1267 McBride Ave Little Falls NJ How Much- 20.00 to shoot, Eddie Eagle only is free. We provide firearms, ammo, eyes and ears if needed, and light refreshments. Details: We will start with an Eddie Eagle and a lesson on safe gun handling. Any age can attend the free Eddie Eagle and Safety Lesson portion.This portion is free for kids up to age 8 or for kids who do not wish to shoot. Kids 8 and up who want to learn to shoot-$20.00. We provide everything! This will be a .22 only event to keep the noise down in the indoor range for the little ones. Spots are filling fast and can be reserved on www.sawshootingclub.com. Click the link to register. Or just paypal 20.00 to [email protected] and specify March 13th Kid's Event in the comments. Feel free to PM me with any questions or ask here! Sandy
  2. I second that. I'm 4'11 with small hands. M&Ps are usually easy to rack, but the guns you mentioned should be fine if she is using proper technique. Send her to one of the ladies only meetups at Woodland Park - SAW Club. 10 bucks for members 15 for non members. I can get her on a variety of guns to see what is going on. PM me if you want more info.
  3. I dont like her much...but this seems fitting and ...funny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhbYbIgjjjA
  4. I have to ask...what would those be? A female friendly gun. I'm honestly asking, because we have at this point taught over 100 ( close to 200 hundred last we counted) women to take their first shots? Is there a G19 with a hidden tampon well I don't know about? ( forgive my humor. It is tongue and cheek and not meant to insult. I appreciate any attempt to help new shooters)
  5. Thank you John I didnt' read all the posts but can easily sum it up. If it is someone you care to work on, take baby steps and try to get her to the range. Our monthly meet ups are posted all over FB. Let me know if you need a PM with more info. If you think the juice is worth the squeeze, I'd be willing to meet up NEAR the range for a few drinks and talk about it. Can make a range date from there if she likes ( not same day as drinks though lol ).
  6. It is something that is always a risk at ranges . It's tragic , I know the staff there is highly trained in preventing and responding to an event and they really monitor what is going on there, but not everyone behaves in the text book way when they are going to do something like this . My heart goes out to my trainers there . You guys are top notch and you did not deserve to have someone do this in your range . Im not huge on victim pity when they do something that affects others in this way ...but my sympathy goes out to the family .
  7. Sandy

    Found it!!!!

    Beauty ! Nice find .
  8. Legally , you can clean or not clean your gun as you please . Follow manufacturer's recommendation though
  9. I'll take 8lb of Accurate #5, please.
  10. I agree 100% . We also have coed events , family events . My personal goal is to integrate women comfortably into the firearms community . Educating a woman to the point where she'll walk into a room full of men and be able to talk firearms and shoot along side of them with confidence is job well done in my opinion .
  11. Hi , welcome aboard ! My partner Shari Spivak and I run a women's shooting group . Second Amendment Women Shooting Club. Shoot me a PM if you would like more information!
  12. Second Amendment Women Shooting Club has two great kids events coming up! Save The Dates! Sign up for the GSSC center event today! Oct 11 at Garden State Shooting Center in Lakewood, NJ and November 1 at 9 am at Woodland Park Range! More info on the Woodland Park Range event coming soon. For more information visit us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/SAWshootingclub/ Or visit our website www.sawshootingclub.com
  13. Here is all the info you need : http://www.eventbrite.com/e/somerset-monthly-idpa-registration-tickets-18186880449?aff=es2 Just contact the Match Director
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