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  1. Are there any indoor matches the next few months for pansies like me who don't enjoy shooting outdoors in the cold? I'm in my slow season of work for the next few months, and I was hoping to take advantage.
  2. I just got back from building a rifle in 7.62x39 out at Rifle Dynamics and I'm looking for magazines now. I ordered a few from Estrella Ordnance to get me started. They're fine for plastic mags I guess, but we were warned in the build class that with unlined metals mags, the feed lips can get worn out fairly quickly compared to a lined or fully metal mag. Does anyone else have a lead on 15 round mags, especially metal mags? I'd prefer something cut down rather than blocked, but I guess I can't be too picky.
  3. Hey Cobalt, That was me in front of you. Did you ever get your permits?
  4. When did the long delays begin in Bloomfield? I have always gotten my permits back in about 60 days in Bloomfield. I picked up my last batch in April after about a 60 day wait. I just put in another application in September. I guess we'll see.....
  5. I run it through my Mosquito. I've had better success with the M22 than with CCI MIniMags
  6. The NYPD should hire this guy. He can actually hit is target.
  7. If you already have a "gun cabinet" to keep your guns relatively secure, you might want to considering waiting and saving more. I'm not sure that a $700 safe will be a significant improvement for you over a cabinet.
  8. I got a small order of 9mm from Freedom last week. It shot great. I've never shot their 38, but I assume it would be of the same quality. Great plinking ammo.
  9. I placed an order today for a special they were running. 900 rounds of new 9mm 115 FMJ's and 100 rounds new 223 FMJ's. Shipping was around 28.
  10. I put in a small order on the 19th of July with Freedom Munitions to try out their ammo. I ordered all 9mm (one box of 115gr Blaster, one box of 115gr reman, one box of 124gr reman, one box of 124gr JHP reman, and one box of 147gr reman). It arrived July 31st. I of course had to immediately take it to the range. It all shot great. It seems to be loaded slightly on the hot side. I don't mind that at all. It seems to be slightly dirtier than the American Eagle I've been shooting, but definitely cleaner than some other ammo I've shot. The only thing I didn't care for was how the ammo was packaged. It comes in loose 50 round boxes. The boxes look like they can hold at least twice that amount, so the ammo has a lot of room to bounce around in shipping. When I opened all the boxes I noticed the bullets were dinged up pretty good. I expected the Blaster ammo to be dinged up, but not the rest of the reloads. I sent an email to Freedom about the issue. I got a call back in a few hours from Rudy. We talked for a bit. He seemed really excited to tell me about everything Freedom is doing. He said he believes the bullets were dinged up in shipping all the way across the country. He told me to add a note in my next order to please package the rounds tightly in their individual boxes. I was happy with the order other than the shipping issue. I'll probably but in a large order next month and see how that goes.
  11. FnF8guy

    Walther PPS

    I bought a PPS earlier this month. I love it. I have noticed thought that end the safety insert in the trigger is pointy and gives me a blister after about 150 rounds. Has anyone else noticed this? I'm considering taking to a gunsmith to get smoothed out.
  12. Definitely check out RTSP (rtsponline.com) . I was going to the Bullet Hole for a few months. I didn't particularly enjoy the experience, but it was still a place to go and shoot. A friend heard about RTSP. One visit and I joined. It does get busy, but with a little trial and error, you'll find times that work for you that aren't very crowded.
  13. I bought a Mosquito several months ago. I was considering a P22 or SR22P, but the Mosquito just felt better to me in terms of size and weight. It was picky for the first 1000 rounds or so even with CCI's. Definitely break it in wet. I'm at about 2000-2500 rounds through it and it behaves much better. I use the CCI and Winchester AR buik packs. It doesn't seem to mind either one. I still get the occasional FTF (about once every 200-300 rounds), but overall I am happy with my purchase.
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