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  1. I’ll take it if it’s still available
  2. Try Monmouth Arms, he's a vendor on here and a good guy. He's got some good deals
  3. Livingston hasn't been accepting pistol permit applications since mid December as well
  4. I love mine as well and it has taken everything I've fed through it
  5. I bought a case about a hour ago and it said there were still 4 left
  6. For as cheap as shooting 22's is, just spend the couple extra dollars and get CCI's so you don't have to worry about any problems. I would stay away from the Remington Gold packs as well, have had problems in the past with them
  7. I've been looking at getting one also, whats everyone paying for one? I was hoping to pick one up on sale if possible
  8. I picked up 1,000 rounds of Winchester 115 gr. 9mm for $220 which I thought was a good deal
  9. Didn't they discontinue the model that was legal in NJ? If so, can you custom build your own AR pistol to NJ compliances?
  10. DiPop33

    Kel-Tec KSG

    I was just searching on gun broker and you can reserve it for $1,200. It says they will throw in front and rear sights for free which is a $140 value
  11. I purchased a handgun through them this past fall and it was an easy transaction using my credit card and I had it within 4 days if I remember correctly
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